Air Hockey Game Big (Table Top Game)
Air Hockey Game Big (Table Top Game)
Air Hockey Game Big (Table Top Game)
Air Hockey Game Big (Table Top Game)
Air Hockey Game Big (Table Top Game)
Air Hockey Game Big (Table Top Game)
Air Hockey Game Big (Table Top Game)

Air Hockey Game Big (Table Top Game)

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Did you know we could actually bring home the tabletop games we play outside, in arcade areas, in malls? What, you didn't?

Well, know it now. Air Hockey tabletop game is certainly our guilty pleasure.  The perfect tabletop game for birthday parties, family gaming nights, or even when you have friends over, Air Hockey tabletop game allows for fun competitions and great evenings.

2 players, 2 mallets, and one tabletop- that's all you need for a perfect start. And, isn't it amazing that you actually don't have to know all the rules to play the game!? A super amazing tabletop game, air hockey helps improve dexterity, agility, and reaction time of the player. The tabletop game also helps enhance the hand-eye coordination of the person. 

A game that can even be played with your kids, air hockey tabletop game has to make it to your list of must-have games. And why just make it to the list when you can actually own the game for real!

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How to play Air Hockey tabletop game?

  • Firstly, decide which player goes first. 
  • Each player then tries to strike the puck with the mallet/ striker. Remember, the puck must fully enter the goal for a valid score.
  • The players take turns to score the goal. However, each player may strike the puck only when it is on his side of the tabletop game board. 
  • The player who scores the highest number of goals wins the tabletop game of Air Hockey.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is Air Hockey a professional sport?

    Yes, mini air hockey tabletop game is a professional sport in real.

  • What is a mallet?

    Mallet in the tabletop game of air hockey is the striker with which you hit the puck. It is also known as a goalie, or a paddle.

  • Is the game suitable for a 7 year old?

    Yes, air hockey tabletop game for kids can be played by children aged 5 years and above.

  • Is there any other variant to the game?

    The air hockey tabletop game board is available in two sizes. To check the other variant, click here.

  • Who invented the game of air hockey?

    Air Hockey tabletop game was invented by the employees of  Brunswick Billiards.

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