300 Pieces Poker Set with Briefcase
300 Pieces Poker Set with Briefcase
300 Pieces Poker Set with Briefcase
300 Pieces Poker Set with Briefcase

300 Pieces Poker Set with Briefcase

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The world of poker is filled with mystery and fun and you can take all of it home with this 300 Pieces Poker Set that comes with a Briefcase. Social games like poker are played in groups of people where each one will make bets and the winner takes home all the money. Poker is a card game that has its origin in America and now you can play this wonderful game at your home, with your guests, and some good food and beverages. 

The 300 Pieces Poker Set comes with 300 poker pieces, 100 of which are red, 50 white, 50 blue, 50 green, and 50 black. You will also find 2 decks of playing cards with this poker game set. The set comes with an aluminum poker chips case that you can carry the contents around in. The cards game will definitely be the most exciting game to play at a house party or any indoor party.

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How to Play it?

The poker game set is the fun party game that you and your family and friends can enjoy. There are many poker games you can play with this poker set. 

In the Texas Hold’em game of poker, each of the players will be given two personal cards after which betting will continue. 

Three of the poker cards are flopped by the dealer of the game following which the game continues while the players continue making bets. 

The dealer then flops the two poker board cards. They do this one at a time, and after each one, the rest of the players will be making bets. 

The same method will be followed in the following two rounds. 

At the end, all the players have to show their hands.  They can use the best five combination of personal and poker board cards. Whoever bet the last will have t start showing the cards first. 

Remember that the best starting hand in Hold’em are two aces and the worst hand in poker, is holding 2 and 7 offsuit. 

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