Cluedo Game (Travel Edition) - Mini Board Game
Cluedo Game (Travel Edition) - Mini Board Game
Cluedo Game (Travel Edition) - Mini Board Game
Cluedo Game (Travel Edition) - Mini Board Game
Cluedo Game (Travel Edition) - Mini Board Game
Cluedo Game (Travel Edition) - Mini Board Game

Cluedo Game (Travel Edition) - Mini Board Game

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Playing detective is every kid’s fantasy and here is a chance to fulfil it with the Funskool Cluedo board game. Big bungalows, thrill, suspense, murder and mystery, experience it all in this travel size brain trainer. The small suitcase box comes in handy and you can carry it anywhere with you.

The ones who love playing a good detective will instantly fall in love with his game for the brain. The mind puzzle comes with 1 suitcase, 6 playing pieces, 6 weapons, 6 character cards, 6 weapon cards, 9 room cards, 2 dice, 1 detective notebook, a score pad and an instruction manual. This brain game test is to find out if there is a Sherlock Holmes within you or not!

The game requires you to move to different rooms, questioning different suspects and looking for answers and clues. All you have to do is follow footsteps and unravel the mystery before anyone else. This is the best game for the mind to play with a bunch of friends and family. A great party session or to hang out on a weekend can be topped off with this amazing brain trainer! Grab yours before the evidence is wiped out! 

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How to Play ?

  • Unpack the contents of this board game from the box and place the weapons in random rooms.

  • Shuffle the character cards and pick one randomly and place it in the murder with another room and weapon card. No one is allowed to see the cards in the murder envelope.

  • The rest of the cards are distributed among the players. Each player must note down the cards they received.

  • Players can begin their suggestions once they enter a room. They can make guesses about a combination of a character, a room and a weapon. The artifacts are moved into that room at the suggestion. If the player on the left has a card with that suggestion, he/she will have to show their card. The suggestion has to then be struck out from the list of that player and the next player gets the turn. 

  • If they do not have a card, the player can reveal any one of their cards and if they fail to do so you can accuse the three cards. 

  • Each player gets one accusation per game. If your accusation matches the cards in the murder envelope then you win and if not then you lose the game and the other will continue without you. 

  • This game can also be used as a great gifting option for kids.

  • A great travel game, this board game can also be used as return gifts for kids or birthday return gifts or simply as a gift for any board game fan. 

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