18 in 1 Magnetic Play and Learn
18 in 1 Magnetic Play and Learn
18 in 1 Magnetic Play and Learn
18 in 1 Magnetic Play and Learn
18 in 1 Magnetic Play and Learn

18 in 1 Magnetic Play and Learn

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Remember those times when we'd throw tantrums for our parents to buy us all sorts of games? Now, fast forward to the time when our kids do the same! However, these days, when the mehngai has gone up too high, we think twice before buying too many games at a time. And even when we try to get them, we feel like we got to get the best quality in minimum amount, right?

Well, fret not. We have officially found the cure to the fun vs mehngai disease. Why not capture all of the fun together, and stack it up in a jar? Haha, ok wait. What we mean is, why buy too many games when you can buy just one and have fun too many? It is with this motive that we introduce this 18 in 1 magnetic game for kids online in India!

Unleash your child’s creativity with the 18 in 1 Magnetic set. You and your child can together make as many as 18 pre-listed models with the 50 available magnetic accessories- make dress up accessories, play with the fun cards, make use of the boards and duster, etc etc.

A fun game that's not only highly interactive but also qualifies the category of educational games, this 18 in 1 playset is something that you need to have up your games atelier.

Don't wait. Buy this fun playset right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many activity cards are there?

This magnetic playset consists of 18 fun activity cards.

How does this game benefit children?

This fun magnetic playset is beneficial in enhancing colour recognition skills, motor skills, creativity, and also helps improve concentration and imagination skills.

Can this game be played by a 7 year old? 

Yes, this game playset is safe and suitable for kids aged 3 year old and above.

Can this game be given as a birthday gift for boys?

Why not! This magnetic fun game playset can be played by both boys and girls. Hence, it makes for a perfect birthday gift for boys/ birthday gift for girls.

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