Advanced Nail Art Studio Game
Advanced Nail Art Studio Game
Advanced Nail Art Studio Game
Advanced Nail Art Studio Game
Advanced Nail Art Studio Game

Advanced Nail Art Studio Game

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Want to get a unique gift for your super-stylish child? Let us help you out with this cool Advanced Nail Art Studio Game!

The Advanced Nail Art Studio game is the ideal way to let your children glam up their nails and spend an evening of indulgent fun. With a real nail dryer machine, set of pre-decorated artificial camouflage nails, and other easy-to-use nail decoration materials, this Nail Art Studio game is one manicure experience everyone will love.

Bring out the diva in your child with this nail art game!!  free shipping on online payment

How to use nail art studio kit?

This nail art kit includes nail paints, stickers, body tattoos & stickers.. .and artificial nails (both pre-decorated & plain).

Glue on the artificial nails & paint them with the nail paints included with the nail art kit. Having trouble? Use the finger separator included with the nail art kit for easy application.

Use the nail dryer machine to dry off your wet nail paint in minutes!

Add sparkly nail stickers to create simple nail art designs.

Not done yet? Finish off by adding body tattoos & stickers that completely vibe with your nail art designs!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does the nail kit come with a glue?

Yes, the nail art kit includes a glue tube to keep your artificial nails perfectly in place.

2. Is this suitable for a 3 year old?

No. The nail art studio kit is suitable for kids aged 6 years & above.

3. Can the nail art kit be given as a birthday gift?

Yes. Nail art kit makes for a super fun and fashionable birthday present!

4. What is nail art?

Nail art is a way to paint & style your nails in creative ways with the help of fun nail art designs.

5. How many bottles of nail paints are there?

This nail art kit comes with two (2) bottles of nail paints.