Automech Blocks (Autoset With People)
Automech Blocks (Autoset With People)
Automech Blocks (Autoset With People)
Automech Blocks (Autoset With People)
Automech Blocks (Autoset With People)

Automech Blocks (Autoset With People)

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The automech blocks playset is perfect for the moment your child explores the world of building blocks and cannot wait to put their hands to good use. We know how difficult it can be to find building blocks for kids that hold their attention, but this set of automech blocks which is an auto set with people is a great option for block toys. 

There are 152 interlocking block pieces in this autoset building block toy for kids. Vibrant, colourful, and easy to join, these building blocks for kids help them unleash their creativity and build confidence as they create their own toy vehicles. The toy set has a manual guide that guides your little ones on how to use these blocks for toddlers to create different vehicles of different shapes and sizes. The two toy figures in the toy set definitely are a bonus since you can use this building block game as a pretend play game as well! These stacking blocks for toddlers help develop fine motor skills, build hand eye coordination and increase spatial skills in kids. Hence if you are looking for block toys which are also developmental toys this set of auto mech blocks is a great fit. 

Help your child in creating their favorite toy vehicles using these building blocks for kids and don’t forget to click pictures to store memories. You can grab this set of automech blocks with toy figures from our collection of building blocks where you will also find other options for stacking blocks for toddlers. 

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  • No. of players: Can be played individually or in groups (Not for children under 3 years)
  • Age: 3 years and above
  • Contents: 52 set with 125 interlocking pieces
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: Peacock
  • Box Dimensions: 17 x 26.5 x 5 cm 

How to use: 

  • The automech blocks (autoset with people) have 152 pieces of interlocking blocks for kids which join together to create different toy vehicles. 
  • You can use the guide manual given alongside the building blocks to take inspiration and ideas for toy vehicles. 
  • This set of building blocks for toddlers is a great option for learning toys for kids. It can also double up as a construction set for kids. 
  • Use this set of automech blocks for block play with your kids to increase their hand eye coordination and build motor skills in children. 

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