The beauty and the beast theme hand engraved wooden musical box with a hand crank.
Beautifully carved surface of the wooden musical box that plays Beauty and the Beast  theme song.
Beautifully vintage designed musical boxes that has a hand crank on the side, that when turned around plays Beauty and the Beast theme song.
Antique carved wooden musical box that plays Beauty and the Beast theme song.
Ideal for decor and gifting purposes, the Beauty and the Beast theme hand engraved wooden musical box.
The unique musical box that works on being hand cranked, is ideal for gifting to all the music lovers.

Beauty & The Beast Theme Hand Engraved Wooden Music Box

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Product Information

We all love Disney, even though through the recent years we have discovered that the stories are not all daisies and roses! Regardless, the love we have for some of the iconic Disney characters is endless as they were our companions while we were growing up. 

One of those iconic Disney princesses was Belle from Beauty and the beast.  

Whether you are looking for a birthday gift for a loved one and are figuring out how to make their day even more special or you have a friend who loves this classic Disney story to death, got your back! This gender-neutral, hand-engraved music box is really the best way to show your affection for the birthday boy or the birthday girl. This classic wooden music box, says so much without even using any word and will well up the eyes of the person receiving this gift. 

Unlike anything you have ever seen before, this hand-engraved wooden music box is likely to become your new favorite collectible item! Special gift items that you could get for your loved ones for any occasion, any time of the year! 

How to use:

  • It doesn’t just play the iconic sound of the Disney theme but it also is stunning to look at, an absolute treat for the eye. With beautiful design hand-engraved all over the box, you will get swooned by its beauty.

  • You can even see the music being played live if you open the lid of the box and watch the keys flow.  Even if you don’t play the music too often, you can just use it as an addition to your room decor, or use it as a quirky interior decor item, desk decor, or even for your office decoration!

  • Whether it is a last-minute gift idea or something that you have had your eye on for a long time now, you are likely to win the heart of the birthday boy or girl with this gender-neutral music box.

  • Use it as a gift for boys, gift for girls, gift for boyfriends, gift for girlfriends, gift for men, gift for women, gift for grandparents, gift for grandchildren, gift for parents, gift for kids, gift for all ages, and even as a gift for all genders.  

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