Blue Chewy Tube
Blue Chewy Tube
Blue Chewy Tube
Blue Chewy Tube
Blue Chewy Tube

Blue Chewy Tube

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HandiThings' T- shaped Chewable Tube is a safe solution for people who constantly feel the need to chew. Be it a child or an adult, the chewy tube is suitable for all.

This chewable T- tube is a great fit to improve oral sensory stimulation activities and teething needs. This helps the person using this chewable tube to stay away from chewing on pencils, papers, clothes, etc. Also, this chewable tube helps in controlling behavioural symptoms exhibited in cases of autism, as chewing on the T- tube relaxes the person using it and calms their anxiety issues.

HandiThings' chewable T- tube is made with best quality material, without compromising on its function. The chewable tube is available in different colour variants.

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How to use Chewy T- tube?
  • The biteable stem is placed inside the mouth laterally, from either the right side or the left.
  • The person then bites on to the stem using their molar dentition &  gum ridge.
  • Chewy tubes are designed for comfortable placement between the upper & lower dentition.
  • The chewy tube is easily held in place by the person using it, or a therapist treating autism spectrum disorder, by holding on to the T- shaped handle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a chewy tube?

    Chewy tubes are oral motor devices designed to provide no food chewable surface for biting & chewing.

  • Are chewy tubes reusable?

    Yes, chewy t- tubes are reusable; proper care & sterilization is recommended.

  • Can chewy tubes be used by adults?

    Yes. Chewy t- tubes can be used by adults as well upon proper recommendation & consultation by a therapist.

  • What are sensory toys?

    Sensory toys are toys which help provide a particular sensory input that a person with autism spectrum disorder and other sensory disorders craves for.

  • Are there different types of chewy t- tubes?

    Yes. Chewy t- tubes come in four colour variants- Red, Blue, Green & Yellow. Functionality of each variant is different from the other.

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