Cane Craft Kit
Cane Craft Kit
Cane Craft Kit
Cane Craft Kit
Cane Craft Kit

Cane Craft Kit

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Want to get a unique gift for your crafty master? Let us help you out with this cool Cane Craft  Game!

This do-it-yourself craft game is the perfect starter kit to teach your kids the intricate art of knitting and weaving. With detailed instructions of the game, kids can learn about the various styles of knitting and create various pieces, like flower vases, dolls and many, many more.

Place a piece in your room and see how your children take pride in their creations. 

Why wait? Craft Away!!

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How to play with the Cane Craft Game Kit?

What is the meaning of cane craft?

Cane craft is the art of using cane to produce handcrafted products such as hats, baskets, etc.

What is cane material?

Cane is the product that comes out from the outer skin of the rattan stalk, which is a vine-like plant of the palm family.

Which state in India is famous for cane art?

The Indian state of West Bengal is quite famous for cane art and crafts.

Can this game be played by a 9 year old?

Yes, cane art and crafts game can be played by children aged 3 year old and above.

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