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 An ideal gift for your kid who wants to improve thinking and problem solving skills
Chinese checkers with ludo game
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Ludo game

Chinese Checkers & Ludo (2 in 1 Board Game)

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Does your kid love strategy games? Well, we bring you one of the best strategy board games- The Chinese Checkers. This fun board game improves your thinking and problem solving skills. It also has ludo board game inside it. The objective of the Chinese Checkers game is to move your 10 pegs into the opposite point of the star. The first one to move all his/hers 10 pegs wins the game.

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Game Setup:

1. Each player has to choose a 'Star Point'. In a 2 player or a 4 player game, players have to choose the opposite 'Star Point'. In a 3 player game , players have to choose every other 'Star Point'.

2. Each player gets 10 pegs of the same color. These pegs are placed on the circles of their respective "Star Points".

To Start:

1. Each player gets one turn at a time.

2. On their turn, the player has to move one of its peg according to the rules below. A peg can be only moved once at a time. The game moves clockwise.


1. Move one peg only. The player may move its peg in any direction, as long as the peg follows a black line.

2. The player may move to any adjacent empty circle or may take one or more jumps. The player cannot do both on in the same turn.


1. A player may jump over its own peg, or over an opponent's peg.

2. A player can jump over one adjacent peg only, along a straight line, to land in an empty circle adjacent to it. It may jump in any direction, as long as it follow a straight line- a player cannot change direction in the middle of the jump.

3. A player may make several consecutive jumps on its turn, as long as it jumps on peg at a time and to land in an empty circle adjacent to it

How to Win:

The first player to move all its 10 pegs into each of the 10 circles of the opposite point of the star wins the game.