Original Hasbro Cluedo Board Game
Original Hasbro Cluedo Board Game
Original Hasbro Cluedo Board Game
Original Hasbro Cluedo Board Game
Original Hasbro Cluedo Board Game
Original Hasbro Cluedo Board Game

Original Hasbro Cluedo Board Game

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Product Information

Are you obsessed with solving mysteries? Many suspects, evidence, and a big bungalow, you can do it all in Hasbro's Cluedo Board Game. This mystery game is made for everyone who loves to play the good old detective. The murder mystery game can be played between 3 to 6 players of any age. The amazing and strategy game comes with a game board instruction sheet which is available in Hindi and English. 6 Die cut character play pieces, 1 silver metal runner frame, 21 cards, 6 character stand base in unique colours, 2 dices, a murder envelope, and 1 detective sheet pad. Solve the murder and win the game!

Finding clues and following footsteps using evidence is exactly what you need to do in this thrilling game. The classic murder mystery board game will teach you to figure out who did it, along with guiding them to unravel the mystery using evidence and taking them to various locations in Tudor Hall.  Perfect for any group game session, this fun strategy game can be played with family and friends. 

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How to play it?

  • Place the game board on a table and open it to remove the contents. Each player chooses a character and places their coin on the game board. 

  • The weapons are placed randomly in the various rooms. 

  • Shuffle the cards and then pick one, without looking at it place a character card in the murder envelope along with a room card and weapon card. Divide The rest of the Cluedo cards among the players.

  • Each player has to note down the character card, room card, and weapon card in their sheet. 

  • The player with Miss Scarlet has to go first in the mystery game. The other from the left will follow for their turns. Roll the dice to move along the gameboard through each room. 

  • Players can guess the character, room, and location card in the envelope once they are inside a room. The weapon and character are moved into that room at the suggestion. If the next player has the card you suggested then they must show you one of their cards. You can strike that one of your sheet and the next player gets the next turn. 

  • If they don't have the card, the person can reveal one of their cards. If cards are not revealed then you can make an accusation on the three cards.

  • Each player gets to make only one accusation per game. If your accusation matches the card inside the envelope you win the game and if not the game will go on without you

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