Colour and Wipe Cards (Alphabets & Numbers)
Colour and Wipe Cards (Alphabets & Numbers)
Colour and Wipe Cards (Alphabets & Numbers)
Colour and Wipe Cards (Alphabets & Numbers)
Colour and Wipe Cards (Alphabets & Numbers)

Colour and Wipe Cards (Alphabets & Numbers)

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A simple yet innovative product to teach young kids all about numbers and alphabets, this Colour & WIpe Card Game is a really fun and unique game to gift your child. The card game comprises of 36 reusable colour cards. One side of the card lists numbers and alphabets and the other side has different words to help kids learn better.

The card side with the alphabets helps kids recognize and remember different colours. The other side with words helps in improving the vocabulary of the child. Not only does this help strengthen the basic knowledge of children, but the reusable cards also allow for multiple uses as well.

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How to play with the Colour and Wipe Cards?

  • The colour and wipe game is really fun and easy to play.
  • Pick a colour and wipe and card from the pile. Now, if the card denotes an alphabet or a number, all that your child has to do is memorise them and colour on the picture beside them.
  • On the other side of the card is a word. The kids needs to now learn to read, pronounce, and learn the words to be able to strengthen their vocabulary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How many cards are there?

    The colour and wipe game consists of 36 reusable cards.

  • How does the game benefit children?

    The colour and wipe kit helps develop colour recognition skills and helps improve memory and concentration skills of the child as well.

  • Can the game be played by a 5 year old?

    Yes, the colour and wipe educational game can be played by children aged 3 years old and above.

  • Does this make for a nice birthday gift?

    Yes, since it is a fun learning game, colour and wipe art and crafts board game makes for the perfect gift for kids.


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