Little Yellow coloured Dino Car rider with red dots for toddlers.
The non electronic toy car, Dino Rider, that serves as a walker for toddlers as well.
The cutest little Dino Rider for outdoor games of toddlers, to boost child&
The ride on toy car that is also a walker for toddlers that gives them strong motor skills and train their muscles.
The top view of the Yellow coloured Dino Rider for kids, perfect for gifting to toddlers.

Girnar Dino Rider (Ride on Car & Walker For Kids)

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Who doesn’t love a cute little Dino? Your kids will have a jolly time playing on this ride on car Dino Rider which is also a great walker. Ride on toys for kids do not have to be a simple bike or a car toy. Ride on cars for kids like the Dino Rider adhere to children’s love for animals, especially a cute little Dino on whose back they can go into Jurassic adventures. The yellow Dino with red spots is the cutest little ride on car that you can get for your little one.

As children grow into toddlers their bodies need strength and learn coordination of hand and legs. The ride on car helps them get the exercise that they need. Many kids find the idea of outdoor toys and game as a task. The Dino rider would ensure that its attractive design and colours would get the children out to play with it. Dino Rider is the perfect little ride on toy and walker for kids that you need to buy today!

battery not required  free shipping on online payment  Made In india

How to play with it?

  • Ride on cars for kids such as the Dino Rider is what you need to take your kid out to the fresh and open air. Sunlight and fresh breeze are important components in a child’s positive mental and physical growth. The ride on toy will instil a need to be out and bout for your baby.

  • The toy ride is perfect if you want your little angel to get the exercise he or she deserves. The ride on toy is also a walker for toddlers, which would give them strong motor skills, train their muscles to step into the world confidently.

  • Get this amazing ride on car to make sure your kid loves animals and introduce them to the concept of balance. Some kids are natural riders and drivers. Get this Dino Rider for your kid if you want them to step on a cycle and eventually a bike or a car vehicle very soon.

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