The baking doll set for kids with a baby doll for toddlers, baking tray and some toy treats like donuts, waffles and MnMs.
The baking doll set with the height of doll being 6.4 inches.
The baking doll set with doll having twistable arms and legs.
Doll with baking kit playset that comes with a complimentary storage bag.
The back side of the plastic doll that has twistable arms and legs.
Baking doll set that has a baking tray and some toy treats like donuts, waffles and MnMs.
Plastic made doll that twistable arms and legs.
6.4 inches plastic doll with twistable arms and legs.

Doll (twistable arms & legs) with Baking Kit Playset with Complimentary Storage Bag

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It is time to polish your baking skills by spending time with your little ones using this toy baking set that has some yummy treats inside it. If you are in search of unique toys for kids or if you are tired of the old doll set for kids and need a new doll set, then this is it for you! The baking set is your new kitchen friend if your kids love to pretend play as much as we do! 

Teach your little ones the joy of baking and sugar treats with this baking doll set for kids. Not only does it include a baby doll for toddlers that has movable arms, legs and can sit and stand however you want it, but it also has a baking tray, some toy treats like donuts, waffles, and MnMs. If your kids love cooking or enjoy seeing you bake, it is high time you get them a baking set of their own, now isn’t it? 

This baby doll toy set is one of the best dolls for toddlers and will also introduce them to the world of role-play toys if they don’t know it already. You can check out more such toys for 2 year olds from our collection of dolls and playsets. 

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How to use: 

  • Use the toy baking set as a role-play toy for kids who enjoy watching others cook and want to try their hand at it themselves. 
  • This baking doll set for kids is a great toy for 2 year olds and can be a unique gift for kids who enjoy playing with playsets and doll sets. 

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