Frozen "Let It Go" hand engraved wooden musical box that works on being hand cranked.
Beautifully carved surface of the wooden musical box that plays frozen "let it go" theme song.
Beautifully vintage designed musical boxes that has a hand crank on the side, that when turned around plays frozen "let it go" theme song.
Ideal for decor and gifting purposes, Frozen "let it go" theme hand engraved wooden musical box.
Antique carved wooden musical box that plays Frozen "Let It Go"  theme song.
Highly decorative and portable wooden musical box that plays frozen "let it go" theme music on being hand cranked.

Frozen "Let It Go" Hand Engraved Wooden Music Box

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Product Description

Winter is coming and it's gonna be snowing in some parts of India and the world. While cuddled in blankets sitting in front of a furnace or its modernised version (room heater), make the atmosphere more warm by playing the soundtrack song "Let it Go" from the movie, Frozen. If you haven't watched it, we recommend to watch it with your loved ones.

But for now, grab this Frozen "Let It Go" Hand-Engraved Wooden Music box and feel the warmth of its melody while fighting the cold. This music box is easy to operate. Simply turn the handle clockwise and fill the air with the familiar tune. The song will play for 30 seconds.

This musical toy is ideal for Disney Fans, of all ages, who will be more than happy to receive it as a gift. It is hand-engraved which gives it a personal touch. 

The box is made of wood; inside of it is a machine that is made of metal. And although it has metal inside, the entire music box is small and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around and won't occupy much space.

A perfect keepsake for anyone who is fond of musical toys.

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