Fishing Game (Musical Fish Catching Game)
Fishing Game (Musical Fish Catching Game)
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Fishing Game (Musical Fish Catching Game)

Fishing Game (Musical Fish Catching Game)

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Hey there! Are you ready to go fishing with us? Yes? Come on then!

So while searching for fun games for kids, we stopped by and found a jewel of a game. A tabletop action game that's based on fishes, this fishing game will become your child's favourite go-to game in a jiffy. With a rotating board, lights and music, this action game is so much more than meets the eye. While the soothing music and crazy lighting make the play fun and attractive, the rotating board makes it tough to catch the fishes in one go.

A great tabletop action game, fishing game also qualifies for that perfect indoor multiplayer game for kids. Watch by as your kids try to catch the fishes with the help of the fishing rods provided with the game set. Or maybe, you could try your hand at it too! A suitable indoor game for a fun playtime, fishing game also helps improve hand-eye coordination and colour recognition skills of the player.

Don't wait, please. Grab this fishing action game right way!

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How to play fishing tabletop game?

  • Firstly, set up the fishing game board by arranging all the fishes in the fish holes.
  • Now, pick up a fishing rod and let the game board rotate. 
  • As the fishing board rotates, each player tries to catch as many fishes as they can using the fishing rod.
  • The player who catches the maximum number of fishes wins!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can this game be played by a 7 year old?

    Yes, this fishing tabletop game can be played by kids aged 3 years old and above.

  • How many fishing rods are there?

    This fishing tabletop game consists of four fishing rods.

  • Is this game suitable for birthday parties for kids?

    Yes, this tabletop game certainly makes it to the list of birthday party games for kids.

  • Does this game use electricity for the fishing game board?

    No. The fishing board rotates with the help of batteries that.