The adorable groot multipurpose holder to be used here as a  planter.
The most adorable guardian of the galaxy, Groot , with its multipurpose holder that can even be used for decor purposes.
Groot Multipurpose holder holding pens in its holder.
The adorable groot multipurpose holder being used as a makeup stand.
A perfect gift for all the groot fans , Adorable Groot Multipurpose holder, been used as a planter.
Baby Groot, from the guardians of galaxy 2, all carved in a piece of wood.
The adorable groot multipurpose holder that can be used as a flower pot, pen holder, makeup holder and many more.
A great gift for architecture to hold their tools, baby groot multipurpose holder with an eye catchy detailing.
Adorable Groot Multipurpose Holder. made of detailed specifications, that can be used to beautify your house/office
The back side of the 3D adorable Groot Multipurpose holder to be used as a cute collectible, or even as a birthday gift.
 Carefully designed Adorable Groot multipurpose holder , made of high quality material.
A perfect decoration item, Adorable Groot Multipurpose holder handpainted in wood.

Adorable Groot Multipurpose Holder

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 Groot is not just the most adorable guardian of the galaxy, he is also the most efficient, amazing, multipurpose stand. With Groot posing adorably, this multipurpose stand can be used as a pen holder, planter, or even make-up holder. 

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