Harley Davidson Iron 883 Diecast Model
Harley Davidson Iron Sportster 883 scale model for table decor and diecast fans.
Harley Davidson Iron 883 Miniature Model perfect gift for diecast collectors.
Harley Davidson Iron 883 model bike for superbike fans.
Highly detailed diecast model of harley davidson iron sportster 883 for crusier bike fans
Harley Davidson Iron 883 scale model bike for diecast bike enthusiasts
Harley Davidson Iron 883 Diecast Model , perfect option for table decor.

Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 Diecast Bike Scale Model (1:12 Scale)

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Get the original and licensed Maisto Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 find yourself on a highway, your bike racing, the blue sky above you is perfect. The image is heavenly no? Get the diecast bike that the entire world is crushing on and make sure you have it close to your heart so that whenever you want to daydream about riding on a Harley you have this little collectible diecast scale model always close to you. 

The diecast toy is jet black with bigger rake angles and wheelbases that are long just like the original Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883. It has movable handles and free rolling tires and is set on a display stand.  The diecast is a must if you are a big fan of diecast and miniature models of famous  bikes. This collectible needs to be part of your diecast collection. The body of this toy bike is metal as the name diecast suggests but part of it like the tires, seat and mudguard are made of rubber and plastic. Every little detail has been caught on spot by the makers and you can get your hands on this diecast toy now on snooplay.

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  • 100% Original and Licensed product
  • Age: All ages (not recommended for kids below 3 years of age)
  • Contents: One 2014 Harley Davidson Die Cast Scale Model Bike Sportster Iron 883 (1:12 Scale)
  • Brand: Maisto
  • Box Dimensions (approx): 22 cm (length) x 9 cm (width) x 12.5 cm (height)
  • Product Dimensions (approx): 17.5 cm (length) x 8.5 cm (height)
  • Category: Diecast Cars & Diecast Bikes
  • Related Category: Remote Controlled Cars & Bikes, Action Figures & Bobbleheads, Quirky Gifts
  • Country of Origin: China

 How to use it?

  • Diecast bikes can be used as a great showpiece or collectibles that you can put out on display for your guests to wonder upon. Get this black gem and make sure you clean, polish and wax it before you have it on display for the world to see a fine diecast model. 
  • The diecast bike scale model needs to be the next big surprise you get for your best friend or boyfriend who is obsessed with diecast products. A Harley Davidson in his collection would definitely be something he was counting on. Make their wish come true and get this diecast metal bike model for them today
  • The Harley Davidson diecast would surely be the best diecast model to add to your office accessories as office decor and desk decor. As your coworkers or guests enter your office space they would for sure notice how amazing the bike model is and understand how you are a person of class and taste.