IntelliKids - An Educational Game For Kids
An educational game for kids, Intelli kids that combines learning games for kids with smart electronics.
An educational game of kids, Intelli kids, with 10 sheets printed on both the sides.
Intelli kids, an educational game for kids, that comes in a well packaged box within which you&
Cordless pen that comes along with the Intelli kids game, which lights up when placed on the right answer.
Intelli kids, a perfect educational game for toddlers, as it improves hand eye coordination, and interaction at the same time.
The Intelli Kids educational game, of length 14.2 inches and height 1.8 inches.

IntelliKids - An Educational Game For Kids

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Introduce your child to the world of fun games that also double up as educational games with Intellikids which combines learning games for kids with smart electronics. Today's children are fast learners and they must spend time playing educational games to match their growth. Investing in brain games early on will make sure your child has an inclination towards brain teasers and puzzles in the future. These activities help improve cognitive development in children and boost their imagination.

Finding the right games for kids is always a task, but not an impossible one. Combine abc games for kids with some lights and you have at your hands a brand new learning game for toddlers, which we promise you they will love. Intellikids makes sure that education is fun and interactive at the same time so that kids do not get bored. This is a great educational game for preschoolers and is a made in India product for children from the age of 2 and above who can recognize alphabets and images. 

The educational game for kids comes in a well-packaged box, within which you will find one electronic tray, one cordless pen that lights up when placed on the right answer and 10 sheets with prints on both sides. This electronic game for kids includes every educational subject from alphabets to colour, fruits, shapes, animals and numbers which makes it one of the best educational games for preschoolers. So don’t forget to grab Intellikids from our collection to make sure your kids have a fun educational game to play with.  

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  • Age: 3 years and above
  • Contents: 10 Cards (both sides printed), 1 cordless pen, 1 circuit board
  • Material: Sturdy Plastic and Paper
  • Dimension of each sheet: 19 cm x 18 cm (Length x Width)
  • Box Dimension: 35.5 (length) x 22.5 (width) x 4.5 cm (height)
  • Battery Required: 2 Button cell batteries (included in the game)
  • Brand: Clever Kids
  • Ideal For: Preschool kids
  • Category: Educational Games
  • Related Category: Board GamesGifts for Boys, Gifts for Girls, Children's Gifts
  • Country of Origin: India

How to use it?

Intellikids is the perfect educational game for toddlers as it improves hand eye coordination and interaction at the same time. Here is how you can play this game with your little one; 

  • Place the tray given in the box on a table or a plane surface.
  • Choose any educational card whether alphabets or numbers from the given cards and place it correctly on the tray. Make sure you place the sheet aligned to the tray.
  • Now pick the cordless pen and push it into the hole next to the right answer, for example if the alphabet is E place the pen into the hole next to the elephant. The cordless pen would light up just like your kid’s face on having guessed the right answer. 

The objective of this electronic game is to match the correct items according to the colour, shape, number with the figures presented in front of each of them. 

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