Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)
Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)
Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)
Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)
Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)
Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)

Maths Jigsaw Puzzle (Learn Addition)

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 Does your kid dread Maths too? Hates those additions, subtractions ... runs away from arithmetical functions?

Have you ever tried making them learn the fun way? If not, this Maths Jigsaw Puzzle is a must-buy for your little one. 

This Maths Jigsaw Puzzle involves learning basic arithmetics in the form of a puzzle-solving technique. Each puzzle has a beautiful picture on one side and different sums and numbers on the backside. The puzzle also includes a special dice that has numbers only up to three (3). 

The child rolls the special dice, solves the arithmetic problem, and puts the puzzle piece on the puzzle board (picture side up). If the numbers of the puzzle are matched correctly, the jigsaw puzzle will reveal a beautiful picture. If not, well your kid needs some more practice!

This jigsaw puzzle game not only helps develop your child's arithmetic skills but also helps improve logical thinking and problem-solving skills. The puzzle game also helps improve the child's concentration and develop visual discrimination skills.

Why wait, grab this jigsaw puzzle for that special child in your life. Let's make Maths fun!

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How to play Maths Puzzle game?
  • Each player chooses a picture puzzle and the corresponding puzzle play board.
  • Next, each player takes turns to read the number or number sentence printed on the back of each puzzle piece.
  • If there is a number sentence, look for its answer. If there is a number printed on the puzzle board, look for its matching number sentence.
  • Now put each puzzle piece at the corresponding answer space on the puzzle board.
  • When all the numbers and number sentences match correctly, a beautiful picture puzzle is revealed.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What is a jigsaw puzzle?

    A jigsaw puzzle is a game of interlocking differently shaped pieces so that they fit perfectly to form a particular picture.

  • Is the game suitable for a 4 year old?

    No. Animal Series jigsaw puzzle game is suitable for kids aged 5  years and above.

  • Does the puzzle require a battery?

    No, this jigsaw puzzle game works without a battery.

  • Is the game suitable for kids?

    Yes, this jigsaw puzzle game is a great buy for kids!

  • How long does it take to complete the puzzle?

    The time taken to complete the jigsaw puzzle game varies from person to person, depending upon the speed of the person.