Set of two free rolling model toy trucks made of metal that contains one dumper truck and cement mixer.
The box of the metal toy trucks that contains one dumper toy truck and one cement mixer truck.
Dumper toy truck, made of metal, in bright yellow colour with free rolling wheels.
Cement mixer toy truck, made of metal, in bright yellow colour with free rolling wheels.
Set of two construction toy trucks, bright yellow in colour, with fine precise detailing and hyper realisitic look.
The back side of the fine precise detailed yellow coloured construction toy trucks of a very realistic look.

Metal Toy Trucks (Set of 2 Diecast Construction Trucks - Dumper Truck & Cement Mixer)

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Maisto Metal Kruzerz brings to you a different take on the diecast model car universe. Why only stick to the fastest supercars and the best SUV trucks? Here we present to you automobile model cars from our day to day lives. From the dump truck to the cement mixture model trucks are highly detailed simple vehicles that we see often around our own vicinity. Both the bright yellow trucks possess fine precise detailing and hyper-realistic looks. 

These diecast trucks are amazing gifts for children. Let the kids play with the out of the ordinary trucks and perform crazy stunts with them. These are free wheel model trucks and thus they can achieve amazing speed with one single push. These toys are also amazing toys for photography due to their very realistic nature. Use them as props for your miniature set and create beautiful compositions. Collect all of these unique diecast toys from Maisto and create your greatest collection of automobile toys.

battery not required  all age groups 

How to Use ?

  • Get all the collectible diecast vehicles from Maisto to build your own collection of the best model automobiles. These construction toy trucks (Dumper Truck and Cement Mixer truck) are unique toy cars and a must have if you want to widen your collection of automobile toys out from only supercars.
  • The Maisto diecast vehicles are brilliant play toys for kids. Kids can have hours of fun playing with the toy trucks, racing them and performing amazing stunts. Let the kids have a blast racing with their friends indoors or outdoors.

  • These toy trucks are great gifts for children, educating them on the various types of automobiles present and allowing them to have their own gorgeous metallic vehicles for play time. Makes for a great option as return gifts for kids for their birthday parties or any other occasion.
  • The model trucks from the Metal Kruzerz series are very realistic in their nature and can be used in photography to produce beautiful miniature images. Exploit the brilliant detailing of the toy taking some amazing photos and posting them on all the collectible model car communities on the internet.