Pictionary Game
Pictionary Game
Pictionary Game
Pictionary Game
Pictionary Game
Pictionary Game

Pictionary Game

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Product Information

Thinking of getting a family game for everyone to enjoy? Buy Mattel’s Pictionary Game and have fun letting your creativity out with this drawing game. You only require your imagination along with this fun game. It comes with 206 cards with 2060 words, 4 category cards 1 card holder, 4 Pictionary pencils, 4 drawing pads, 1 game board, 4 playing cubes, 1 timer, 1 spot die, and 1 special challenge die. 

The game Pictionary is the best game to improve your vocabulary. Board games like Pictionary helps in the development of logical skills and cognitive skills, along with being a fun game. There is nothing better than bringing your family together to a fun game and you can do this now with this Pictionary game. Learning and entertainment can go hand in hand with Pictionary which is one of the best games for families to play together.

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How to play it?

  • The board game needs to have two teams, with each team consisting of at least two players. One of the team will have to start drawing.

  • In the drawing team, one player has to begin drawing. 

  • The team that is not drawing has to select a word from the wordraw.

  • This word is shown to the drawing player and not to their teammate.

  • Begin the timer and the drawing player has to start drawing. Letter, numbers, talking and words are not allowed in this game. Players can use symbols and can erase what they draw.

  • The nondrawing player in the drawing team has to guess what is drawn.

  • Until they identify the drawing correctly or the timer runs out the turn goes on. Right guess would earn the team a score. 

  • The second team can take the turn to be the drawing team.

  • After the decided number of rounds for each has ended the scores are tallied and the team with the higher course wins the Pictionary game. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is pictioniary?

Pitctionary is a bard game where one player draws clues on the board while other players guess the answer.

What is the material used?

This board game is made of plastic material.

Can this board game be played by children?

Yes, this board game can be played by kids aged 12 years and above.

Is this board game suitable for adult party games?

Yes, this board game is a suitable pick for adult party games as well.


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