The Sheesham foldable wooden Chess set of 10 X 10 inches with wooden chess pieces.
The wooden chess set with 32 chess pieces, both yellow nd brown chess pieces.
Wooden chess board on a solid surface for all the chess enthusiasts and decor freaks.
10 X 10 inches wooden chess board with brown chess pieces.
The foldable wooden chess board with yellow chess pieces, for all the chess lovers.
The foldable chess board made of sheesham and haldu wood, with storage spaces to keep the chess pieces.
Folding wooden chess board with storage pieces to make sure that you don&
The 10 X 10 wooden chess board which is compact and easy to use.
The coolest wooden indoor game, wooden chess board, with  yellow and brown chess pieces
One of the best strategy games, Wooden chess board, to develop intelectual growth and increase concentration span.
The foldable wooden chess game, with storage space inside, to keep the chess pieces safe.
One of the best strategy board games, foldable wooden chess board with storage spaces.
10 X 10 inches sheesham wood chess set that looks classic and luxurious.
Wooden chess board of 10 X 10 inches, made of biodegradable Sheesham and Haldu wood.

Sheesham Wood Chess Set (Foldable Wooden Chess Board Box) - 10 x 10 inches

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If you are in search of a classic and luxurious wooden board game, look no further. The Sheesham Wooden Chess Set is an exquisite board game that will make your time pass without any hiccups. However, do not mistake this chess game as merely an average wooden board game. It is one of the best strategy games that will help develop intellectual growth and increase your concentration span, no matter how old you are. So, polish those skills but make it a healthy competition at the same time. 

This solid wooden chess board is made with Sheesham and Haldu wood, one of the finest and most durable timbers in India. Handcrafted wooden chess pieces made out of a combination of Sheesham and Haldu wood offer a biodegradable option thus, making this an eco-friendly product. But that’s not all we offer! Along with a robust body, this folding chess board with storage ensures that you don’t lose the wooden chess pieces while moving the board from one place to another. 

It is a 10x10 inch chessboard set which means, it is compact and easy to store. The Sheesham wood prevents any natural decay providing total value for money. So, get your hands on this folding wooden chess board and checkmate your stress with a good game of chess. If you liked our wooden chess set, then don’t forget to check out these cool wooden indoor games and wooden toys from our collection.

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  • No. of players: 2
  • Age:  All Age Groups (Chocking Hazard: Not suitable for kids below 3 years)
  • Contents: 1 Wooden Chess Set (Including 32 Wooden Chess Pieces)
  • Material: Sheesham Wood & Haldu Wood
  • Made in India Wooden Chess Set
  • Sheesham Wood-Handmade Chess Game Set
  • Brand: Made by Local Indian Artisans
  • Eco Friendly & Sustainable Wooden Chess Board Game Set
  • Chess Dimensions: 10 inches (Length) x 10 inches (Width)
  • Ideal For: Chess Enthusiasts and Decor Freaks
  • Category: Board Games
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Please Note: The images above are actual product images. However, the colour of each set could slightly vary since these are handcrafted chess sets and each chess set is unique in nature. You may also spot some very small cavities or veins in these chess sets, please know that these holes & gaps are formed naturally in the wood and we do not treat these with any chemicals. 

How To Use The Wooden Chess Set?

Chess is a classic board game that has often been termed as the game of the nerd and geek, but it does require intelligence and strategy to beat your opponent fair and square. Here are simple instructions on how to use the Sheesham wooden chess set before you sit to seal your future victory.

  • Open the hinge lock on the foldable chessboard and take out the 32 chess pieces from inside the storage, both brown and yellow, before beginning the game. 
  • Make sure both the players sit facing each other and have their pieces ready to move and roll. The pieces only move in the forward direction so ensure both players follow the rules. 
  • Once you’ve laid the wooden chess board on a solid surface and set your pieces in their positions, you are ready to conquer your opponent’s king and checkmate your way to victory. 
  • After finishing the game, place the pieces inside the folding chess board, lock the set, and voila! You can use it anytime, anywhere. 

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