Sheesham wooden foldable chess board of 14 square inches.
Handcrafted chess pieces and solid wooden chess board made of sheesham and haldu wood combination.
Brown and white coloured wooden chess pieces of the foldable wooden chess board game, made out of the combination of haldu and sheesham wood.
One of the best strategy games of all the time, Wooden chess board that is foldable and has a storage space inside.
Sheesham wooden chess game set that has a storage space inside to keep your chess pieces at place.
Foldable chess game set made of Sheesham and Haldu wood, with a storage space inside.
Wooden foldable chess game set, a perfect game to play with your family and friends.
Wooden foldable chess board game set is highly compact and hence is portable.
Brown pieces of the wooden chess board game set made of high quality sheesham and haldu wood.
White coloured chess pieces of wooden chess board made of sheesham and haldu wood.
Foldable wooden chess board, handcrafted with hand, with storage space inside.
Handmade wooden chess game set ideal for chess enthusiasts and decor freaks.
Portable wooden chess board game set, made of sheesham and haldu wood.
Sheesham wooden chess board game set of 14 square inches.

Sheesham Wood Chess Set (Foldable Wooden Chess Board Box) - 14 x 14 inches

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Tired of looking for a large wooden chess set that matches all your requirements? Well, you snooped in at the right place as we have the best wooden chess set that is made in India. The support for local businesses has seen a boost, and this wooden chess board is an incredible product made out of biodegradable material by local artisans. With handcrafted chess pieces and a solid wood chess board, both made out of a Sheesham and Haldu wood combination, it is one of the best indoor board games for the family. 

This chess board serves as a great tool for anyone looking to buy brain development games. Wooden toys and wooden board games have been a classic, no matter if you buy them for your friends, parents, or siblings. It is a great way to unwind and have that meaningful conversation while planning a way to checkmate your opponent player. It is a large wooden chess set, and not to forget that it is a foldable chessboard, so you have all the space to store the wooden chess pieces and then some more. The good thing is it is still 14x14 inches so that you won’t have a big problem hiding it under the bed or storing it in your cupboard. 

This handcrafted wooden toy has a smooth finish that makes it look like one of those luxury chess sets that would make a perfect choice of gift for loved ones. If you are in need of some wooden puzzles that make for some healthy competition and can help release stress, then you should definitely get this wooden chess set. You can also check out our collection of wooden toys and games for more such products. 

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  • No. of players: 2
  • Age:  All Age Groups (Chocking Hazard: Not suitable for kids below 3 years)
  • Contents: 1 Wooden Chess Set (Including 32 Wooden Chess Pieces)
  • Material: Sheesham Wood & Haldu Wood
  • Made in India Wooden Chess Set
  • Sheesham Wood-Handmade Chess Game Set
  • Brand: Made by Local Indian Artisans
  • Eco Friendly & Sustainable Wooden Chess Board Game Set
  • Chess Dimensions: 14 inches (Length) x 14 inches (Width)
  • Ideal For: Chess Enthusiasts and Decor Freaks
  • Category: Board Games
  • Related Category: Wooden Games & Toys, Fun Board Games, Educational Games
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Please Note: The images above are actual product images. However, the colour of each set could slightly vary since these are handcrafted chess sets and each chess set is unique in nature. You may also spot some very small cavities or veins in these chess sets, please know that these holes & gaps are formed naturally in the wood and we do not treat these with any chemicals. 

How To Use The Wooden Chess Set

This large wooden chess set is an easy-to-use handcrafted wooden toy that will make playing chess fun and enjoyable, but only if you know how to checkmate! If you don’t, make sure you follow our instructions. 

  • Firstly, turn the hinge lock that secures this folding chess board so that you can open the chessboard and take out the handcrafted wooden chess pieces. 
  • As a next step in how to use this wooden board game, make sure you have unfolded the board and have set up your chess pieces, both brown and yellow. 
  • Plan your moves to checkmate the opponent, and there you have it, your victory. Use the storage to store the pieces and lock the wooden chess set until you are ready for the next game. 

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