Spin Tambola with Automatic Number Dispenser
Spin Tambola with Automatic Number Dispenser
Spin Tambola with Automatic Number Dispenser
Spin Tambola with Automatic Number Dispenser

Spin Tambola with Automatic Number Dispenser

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Tambola- a classic game of tickets and numbers we all love to play.

Well, with a twist to the classic, we bring to you the Spin Tambola!

The Spin Tambola by Annie comes with an automatic counter dispenser that picks out the numbers for you. All you need to do is assemble the automatic dispenser provided with this Spin Tambola game box and fill it in with all the counters. Pick your tickets, and strike out the numbers dispensed by the automatic dispenser. The player who strikes down all the numbers in a row or column first wins one round of the Spin Tambola. The game of Spin Tambola continues until there is a full house. A game of fun and luck, this Spin Tambola is truly a great option for family playtime.

With no bar to the number of players, this Spin Tambola game can be played with friends at house parties as well.

Spin Tambola is our favourite go-to game, we promise you’ll love it too. Grab your Spin Tambola now and let the game of fun and excitement begin!

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How to play Spin Tambola?

Objective: Be the first one to mark all the numbers called out by the dealer on your tambola tickets.

  • Put all the tambola numbers in the automatic number dispenser, and distribute tambola tickets amongst the players.
  • As the number dispenser dispenses out the tambola counters, one player calls out the number. All other players need to strike out the numbers from their tambola tickets.
  • There are several winners in the tambola game. The tambola players can win a line (row), corners, early five numbers, and Full House. 
  • The tambola game ends once a player has won the Full House.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How many tambola tickets do we get?

    The spin tambola game consists of a booklet of 600 tambola tickets.

  • Why is there a machine? 

    The machine is an automatic number dispenser. It will dispense one number at a time during the tambola game.

  • What is tambola?

    Tambola, also known as Tombola is a game of winning tambola tickets and thereby prizes assigned to the wins.

  • Is tambola game similar to housie?

    Tambola game is the same game as housie, just with a different name! in fact, it is also known as Indian Bingo.

  • Does the game require a battery?

    No, tambola game does not require a battery.
  • How does the automatic counter dispenser work?

    Twist the handle of the counter dispenser to spin the inner plate. The number will pop out automatically at the bottom.

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