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For children struggling with appropriate grasp pattern, SportWriter is the perfect developmental toy. SportWriter is designed to help a child correctly hold any writing tool, be it a pencil, crayon, or anything else.

The SportWriter is especially beneficial for children diagnosed with Autism, as they may develop inappropriate grasp patterns. SportWriter also helps with motor control and can be used with pencil grips also. The  SportWriter not only helps develop the ideal wrist, hand, and finger position, but also comes adorned with beautiful dolphin charms.

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Product Details:


+ Perfect Pencil Position
+ Perfect Finger Position
+ Perfect Wrist Position
+ Perfect Hand Position
= Better Penmanship

How to use the SportWriter?

  • Wear the large loop of the SportWriter around the wrist.
  • Next, the charm attached to the SportWriter is held in the palm with the little and ring finger.
  • The thumb, index finger, and middle finger grasp the pencil.
  • The top loop of the SportWriter is placed around the top of the pencil.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is the product washable?

    Yes, SportWriter is a washable product. Hand washing & air- drying is recommended for the product.

  • What is the material used?

    The SportWriter knit band is made of cotton knit band while the cord is made of satin material.

  • Is it available in XL size?

    The SportWriter is a free size product, ie one size fits all.

  • Is it suitable for a 9 year old kid?

    Yes, SportWriter is suitable for all age groups. 

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