Miniature model of Suzuki Boulevard M90 Diecast bike scale model with a sleek body and a captivating design.
A great collectible bike model, Suzuki Boulevard M90 Diecast bike, with a moving rear suspension and a working kickstand.
Suzuki Boulevard M90 Diecast bike model, with red shiny metal body along with black parts , to make a beautiful collectible model bike.
A perfect gift for motorbike lovers, Suzuki Boulevard M90 Diecast bike model, with rolling wheels.
An ideal decor option for room/office/desk, the red and black deatiled Suzuki Boulevard M90 Diecast bike model with a working rear suspension.
The miniature diecast model of Suzuki Boulevard M90 , perfect for gifting and decor purposes.

Suzuki Boulevard M90 Diecast Bike Scale Model (1:18 Scale)

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The Suzuki Boulevard M90 is out to play and for good, because this miniature bike is a beautiful motorcycle diecast of the original model. With a sleek body and captivating design, we can only guess how stunning this collectible model bike would look sitting on that corner table of your room. 

If you are someone who has loved superbikes all their life or need memorabilia for that one trip you took on your Suzuki boulevard M90 then this scale model is the best way to go. You can even use it as a gift for motorbike lovers because- let’s be honest what is better than a diecast bike that has a moving rear suspension and a working kickstand with rolling wheels. This miniature die cast is the perfect fit for your office decor, home decor, and room decor if you’re into superbikes at all. 

The red shiny metal body with the black parts combined make this diecast bike a beautiful collectible model bike. Boast it off to your friends or pride on itself when your guest comes over because this is the best diecast model to get your hands on. Hurry up and check out our collection of diecast model bikes too. 

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 How To Use: 

  • Use this Suzuki boulevard M90 as memorabilia or as a collectible model bike to reminisce your own bike or as a symbol of love for superbikes. 
  • Place it on your table or shelves and use it as home decor, room decor, desk decor, or office decor because this diecast model is very sleek and stylish. 
  • It has moving parts, a working kickstand, and rolling wheels which means it is a fun toy bike for kids who enjoy playing with miniature diecast model bikes.