Why so serious? The Eaglemoss Joker action figure from the DC superhero figurine collection.
The Joker action figure with a 16 page story booklet on the character inside.
The joker action figure dressed in blue attire of height 3.2 inches with the base.
The Joker action figure dressed in blue, to add a great addition to your DC comics superhero collection.
Perfect for your dashboard decoration, this Joker action figure from the DC Comics.
Joker action figure, a pperfect gift for friends who is head over heels for the classic villain.

The Joker Action Figure with (16-page Story Booklet on the Character Inside)

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Why so serious? The  Eaglemoss Joke action figure is a licensed product from the DC superhero figurine collection. The toy figure is the perfect gift for friends who is head over heels for the classic villain. Catch the Joker in all his glory as he plans to take over the city of Gotham and give Batman a run for his money.

Whether your friend is a fan of Heath Ledger's Joker from the Dark Knight trilogy or the recent oscar-winning performance of Joaquin Phoenix, this DC collectible is the ideal present.

The Joker action figure comes with a 16-page booklet with detailed descriptions of the clown prince's complicated history with crime. Your friend would not just be collecting an action figurine. They will be learning about their favourite supervillain and all his exploits from the DC comics. 

A faithful follower of the comics would identify the classic pose that this Joker figurine comes in.  The Joker stands upright, holding his walking stick with both his hands. The Joker figurine comes in a classic DC universe form in a purple suit and green hair, ready to challenge his arch-nemesis, batman. The figure is uniquely crafted with metallic resins, which keeps it clean and durable. Those who love collecting action figures would find this memorabilia as an excellent gift.

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  • 100% Original and Licensed DC Comics product
  • Age: All age groups (not recommended for kids below 3 years of age)
  • Contents: 1 Joker Action Figure (hand painted), 1 Story Booklet (16 page) providing history of the character from their origin to the present day
  • Brand: DC Comics Eaglemoss Collections
  • Material: Resin (hand painted)
  • Scale: 1:21 Scale
  • Box Dimensions (approx):  15.5 cm (length) x 20 cm (width) x 7 cm (height)
  • Product Dimensions (approx): 9 cm (height with base) at 1:21 Scale
  • Category: Action Figures
  • Related Category: Action Figures and BobbleheadsDiecast Cars and Diecast BikesKeychains3D MugsQuirky Gifts
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom

How to use the Joker Action Figure?

  • This joker figure will be a great addition to the DC Comics superhero collection. If you have not started collecting already, maybe this toy figure would be your introduction to the addictive world of collectibles.

  • The Joker action figurine would also look perfect on your dashboard if you are up for some freaky DIY decor. You can always take a mischievous leaf out of Joker’s book and gift this DC figurine for that one Marvel fan friend of yours and ruin their day.

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