Toilet pot metallic keychain to tickle your friend&
The silver coloured toilet pot metallic keychain which also works as a fidget toy.
Toilet pot metallic keychain, a perfect quirky gift for friends to symbolize your friendship .
The unique toilet pot metallic keychain of height approx 1.28 inches.
The back side of the toilet pot metallic keychain that can be used as a home decor or even a bathroom decor.
Toilet pot metallic keychain that comes with a lid that you can lift up and play with when you feel stressed.

Toilet Pot Metallic Keychain

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Do you have that one quirky friend who does not stop making poop jokes? Are you wondering what unique gifts you should get for them? We suggest you gift them this Toilet Pot Metallic Keychain! We know you share a special bond with your friends and sometimes it is difficult to express how you feel for them. Finding novelties is a big task and finding unusual gifts for the zara hatke crowd is the biggest of them all. 

The toilet pot keyring will surely tickle your friend's funny bone. Its the perfect gag toy, which will leave everyone in splits. 

The Toilet Pot is symbolic of your friendship. It is always there for you and your friend, just like how you stay with each other through shitty times. This unique gift for your friends comes with a lid that you can lift up and play with when you feel stressed. So along with being a cute keychain, it is also a fidget toy. 

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How to use it? 

  • Had another fight with your partner about you leaving the toilet seat up? Present this magnificent metallic toilet pot keychain as a poop...oops! peace offering and laugh with them at this quirky gift.

  • The keychain can be used as home decor which you can hang on your bathroom door. 

  • It is the perfect gift for birthdays but also a great collectible. Unique gifts for friends like yours is something we all look for but because we have to think so much we end up buying just a cake. Make his or her day special and get this toilet pot keychain today!

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