Tribal Art Game
Tribal Art Game
Tribal Art Game
Tribal Art Game
Tribal Art Game
Tribal Art Game

Tribal Art Game

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Want to get a unique gift for that little artist? Let us help you out with this Tribal Art Game!

When it comes to learning art, the more styles to explore the better. And that is exactly why Tribal Art is the perfect craft kit for budding artists. Paint and paste different pieces to create beautiful bookmarks, head masks, wall pieces, and whatnot!

Working with tribal art craft kit helps enhance creativity and imagination, improve motor skills, and teach kids the importance of paying attention to detail. So, get your creative juices flowing with Tribal Art craft kit. 

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How to play Tribal Art game?

Tribal Art game is a wholesome package of fun. It includes a pen stand, face mask, wall piece, brushes, and what not!

Colour & paste to create your tribal art.

The process will really enhance one's creativity & imagination. Get those creative juices flowing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it an ideal game for boys?

Yes, tribal art game is ideal for both boys & girls.

2. Is the game suitable for an 8 year old?

Yes, tribal art game is suitable for kids aged 6 years & above.

3. Does the game have any benefits?

Apart from being a fun game, tribal art game helps enhance the kid's concentration & observation levels. The art game helps improve one's motor skills.

4. What is the material used?

Tribal art game consists of parts made of paper & clay wood.

5. Does the game require a battery?

No, tribal art game does not require a battery.