Whisper Phone (Solo)
Whisper Phone (Solo)
Whisper Phone (Solo)
Whisper Phone (Solo)
Whisper Phone (Solo)
Whisper Phone (Solo)
Whisper Phone (Solo)
Whisper Phone (Solo)
Whisper Phone (Solo)

Whisper Phone (Solo)

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Designed to enhance reading comprehension and fluency, Whisper Phone is a great pick for a struggling reader, a person exhibiting dyslexia, autism, or auditory processing disorder. Also helpful to a child with speech problems, this Whisper Phone is made of durable, lightweight material, making it easy to carry the phone around- at home, in school, etc. 

Whisper Phone is known to improve reading rates, reduce stuttering, and improve phrasing and fluency thereby boosting a child's confidence levels. This handsfree whisper phone comes with a lifetime guarantee and needs no batteries. 

This solo whisper phone is a beneficial tool for persons exhibiting symptoms of Dyslexia, Autism, and Auditory Processing Disorders. 

Free Shipping on Online Payment  battery not required  all age groups

Product Details:


  • Increases speech awareness
  • Promotes reading fluency
  • Builds confidence 
  • Supports speech therapy
  • Makes reading fun
  • Develops language skills
  • Helps improve speech during dyslexia, autism, or auditory disorders


See the video on this page. WhisperPhone Solo is an acoustical headset that develops language skills. As you speak into the mouthpiece, you hear yourself in the earpiece.
How to use a Whisper Phone?
Solo whisper phones are really easy to use and are hands- free.
The whisper phone is attached to the child's ear with the help of the band that holds on to the whisper phone. 
This helps the child to easily read a book or write while simultaneously using the whisper phone.
This use of whisper phone helps amplify the sound so that the child is able to hear the sounds more clearly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the whisper phone good for? 
Whisper phones are lightweight auditory devices that help in enhancing comprehension skills and reading fluency of the user.

2. Do whisper phones work?
Yes, whisper phones concentrate the sound waves created during speech and direct them to the user's ear for a clear hearing.

3. How can I clean the whisper phone?
Whisper phones can be cleaned using disinfectants and warm water.

4. What is the material used?
Whisper phones are made of PVC material.

5. What is the size of the whisper phone?
Solo whisper phones come in free size, ie one size fits all, making it easy to use.

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