Wolverine main action figure from the X Men Universe  with a 16 page story booklet on the character.
A superhero action figure from the X Men films, Wolverine action figure, that comes along with a 16 page story booklet on the character inside.
An excellent room/office decor, Wolverine action figure created specifically in metallic resin and hand painted.
The Wolverine marvel action figure with an approx height of 3.2 inches along with the base.
Wolverine Action figure, a great collectible for Marvel fans and are in awe of the X-Men.
The back side of the Wolverine Marvel action figure that stands tall about 8 cm in his classic pose, wearing a yellow and blue costume.
Wolverine Marvel action figure to add an addition to your action figure collectibles.
A defining character from the X Men Universe, Wolverine Marvel action figure of height 3.2 inches with base.

Wolverine Marvel Action Figure with (16-page Story Booklet on the Character Inside)

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Wolverine has been a defining character in the X Men universe and we know you have been missing the lone wolf since he said goodbye in the last wolverine movie Logan. We have got you back, and bring you the Wolverine Action Figure. Superhero action figures are many across Marvel and DC comics but we know how important the Hugh Jackman Wolverine has been for those of you who have been following the X men films. 

The action figure stands tall about 8 cm in his classic pose and yellow and blue costume. The logan action figure has his adamantium claws out and comes with a 16 page illustrated booklet that will give you a complete history of the comic book superhero. The Eaglemoss cast is created specifically in metallic resin and hand-painted. We have seen this superhero go through a lot, and we know you need a wolverine action figure to keep him close to your heart. Marvel legends like wolverine are well loved and kept as collectible in the marvel superhero action figure collections by marvel fans

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  • 100% Original and Licensed Marvel product
  • Age: All age groups (not recommended for kids below 3 years of age)
  • Contents: 1 Wolverine Action Figure (hand painted), 1 Story Booklet (16 page) providing history of the character from their origin to the present day
  • Brand: Marvel Eaglemoss Collections
  • Material: Resin (hand painted)
  • Scale: 1:21 Scale
  • Box Dimensions (approx):  15.5 cm (length) x 20 cm (width) x 7 cm (height)
  • Product Dimensions (approx): 8 cm (height with base) at 1:21 Scale
  • Category: Action Figures
  • Related Category: Action Figures and BobbleheadsDiecast Cars and Diecast BikesKeychains3D MugsQuirky Gifts
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom

How to use Wolverine Action Figure?

  • Get this Wolverine action figure and add him to your great collection of superhero action figures. A perfect collectible that you must get if you are a Marvel fan and are in awe of the X Men. 

  • This marvel action figure will be an excellent addition to your office decor or your desk decor. Bringing your interests to work would show how open you are. You can add this a part of your home decor and see how all your marvel friends would just keep coming back to check out this Marvel figure. It also makes a great superhero gift option as gifts for him, gifts for boys, gifts for friends.  

  • Let your inner creative out and get into toy photography already. This wolverine figure would be such a hot topic among your followers on social media. We can already see all the likes, shares, and comments on your post.

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