Wooden Eiffel Tower (Jenga)
Wooden Eiffel Tower (Jenga)
Wooden Eiffel Tower (Jenga)
Wooden Eiffel Tower (Jenga)
Wooden Eiffel Tower (Jenga)
Wooden Eiffel Tower (Jenga)
Wooden Eiffel Tower (Jenga)
Wooden Eiffel Tower (Jenga)

Wooden Eiffel Tower (Jenga)

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All we need to keep our kids happy and engaged is a game that can do justice to the fun expectations they have. Now, where do we find such a game? Difficult, right? Let's make it easy for you, in a jiffy!

Let us introduce you to the Eiffel Tower building block game! A simpler version of the classic block game from Funskool, eiffel tower is a suitable building blocks game for young kids as well as adults. There's only one objective of the game – to move the blocks without letting the tower crash.

A super fun building blocks game to consume your kids time, J helps kids eiffel tower helps the player develop dexterity and creative thinking as they try to move the blocks without letting the tower of the block game fall. A fun block game that can be played with kids on weekend afternoons, friends on house party nights, or during family get- togethers, eiffel tower is a must- have in your collection of blocks games.

So why the wait? Grab your set of Eiffel Tower block game right away!


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    How to play Eiffel Tower building blocks game?

    • Firstly, stack up all the blocks to build the initial tower.
    • Once this is done, take only block from any level and place it on the topmost level to complete the tower.
    • The game of eiffel tower building blocks continues until the tower completely falls off, or even if any block falls from the tower.
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Can this game be played by a 9 year old?

      Yes, eiffel tower building blocks game can be played by kids aged 3 years old and above.

    • Is this a suitable game for a birthday party for teens?

      Yes, eiffel tower certainly makes it to the list of fun birthday party games for the teens and adults.

    • Is there any other variant to the game?

      Yes, eiffel tower building blocks game has several variants. Check them out here

    • What is the material used? 

      Eiffel tower blocks game is made of wooden material.

    • How many rows down can you pull in the game?

      Eiffel tower game allows you to pull blocks only from rows below the completed rows. Hence, you can pull down from any row except the top row.