Writing C.L.A.W.
Writing C.L.A.W.
Writing C.L.A.W.
Writing C.L.A.W.
Writing C.L.A.W.
Writing C.L.A.W.
Writing C.L.A.W.

Writing C.L.A.W.

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It’s important for a child to feel comfortable holding and using pencils, crayons, pens etc. For children with ADHD, Autism, or other motor-development challenges, the Writing C.L.A.W is a great, fun, and effective way to learn the perfect way of holding a pencil.

The Writing C.L.A.W is a functional tripod, designed with three shallow cups. The thumb is placed in the largest shallow cup, and the middle and index fingers are placed in the other two cups. This helps with the grip of the pencil, thereby allowing children to focus on writing. 

Grab this Writing C.L.A.W right away & let nothing hinder your child's study. Shop now!

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Product Details:

  • Age: All age groups
  • Contents: 1 piece Writing C.L.A.W
  • Brand: The Pencil Grip
  • Size: Please refer to the size chart below
  •  Small 2 Years - 5 Years
    Medium 5 Years - Adults


  • For both Righties and Lefties
  • Exercises control over the hand
  • Improves handwriting and control
  • Markings on the underside of the 'finger cups' instruct proper placement
  • For all children, including those with special needs such as Autism, ADHD, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities & general fine motor delay
How to use Writing C.L.A.W?
Place the thumb in the largest of the 3 shallow cups,
Put the index finger and middle finger in the other 2 cups.
The person feels the perfect grip when holding pencils, pens, crayons, etc.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Is the product washable?
Yes, Writing C.L.A.W is a washable product. Hand washing & air- drying is recommended for the product.

2. Are these for right-handed or left-handed users?
TheWriting C.L.A.W is suitable for both right-handed & left-handed users.
3. Is it available in XL size?
The Writing C.L.A.W is available in two sizes- small & medium.
4. Is it suitable for a 9 year old kid?
Yes, Writing C.L.A.W is suitable for all age groups.