5 Games that Bring Out and Nurture Your Child’s Artistic Nature

Is art a skill or a talent?

This question reminded me of one artist who became famous for drawing strangers on the subways of New York. His name is Devon Rodriguez, and his story takes us back to when he started as a young man who wanted to pursue art. But his college application was rejected because apparently, his drawings were not good enough to get him in. Fortunately, someone saw his potential and gave him the opportunity to harness it. And if you check him now, he’s one of the most followed artists on Instagram with over 25 million followers.

Why did I mention him? The answer is simple. His drawings/sketching got better with time. Of course, he made a lot of effort to become better at his craft. He practised and practised and is still on it. He sharpened his drawing/sketching skills to perfection!

Now, when it comes to talent, some people are just predisposed to specific skills such as being way better at Maths, sports, or English. And this predisposition can lead people to their choices in school, and/or even a career.

So whether art is a skill or talent, I’d say it’s a combination of both. But higher on the former. Isn’t this one of the reasons why we expose our children to various types of toys and games that would bring out and nurture their artistic nature?

Here are five games that bring out and nurture your child’s artistic nature.

1. Super Projector for Kids

This cute educational projector helps and encourages children to learn to draw, paint and trace while having fun. This super projector for kids has three lantern slides with 24 patterns and 12 water pens that your children can use to sit for hours and draw and colour their favourite characters. The entire set is brightly coloured and is very durable and sturdy quality. Now, isn’t this a perfect gift idea for kids of all ages? Grab this compact, easy-to-use super projector for kids and provide them with hours of entertainment and creativity.

2. Spirograph Game

The spirograph is a classic creative toy. The tools-- spirograph templates, paper and coloured pencils open new possibilities for creating unique designs through the process of trial and error. The best thing about this game is it allows your child to think of patterns and designs and experiment with the essential tools and techniques that they are provided with. It also awakens their desire to create new work, try new techniques, and investigate new tools.

3. 5-in-1 Craft Kit

This 5-in-1 Craft Kit comes with five different creative fun activities for kids such as the little greeting card making set, the pen stand making, fun with stencil, finger puppet making and an origami making kit. Since this kit is powered by the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) system, it strengthens your child’s imaginative prowess, pushes their innovative ideas, and helps them develop an eye for design and art-- all of which are foundations for paving a brighter future in the fields of STEM.

Read more about this game here.

4. Magnetic Drawing Board

One of the best strategies to encourage creativity in kids is to offer them an outlet for their energy and imagination. An excellent way to do that is by providing them with a magnetic drawing board that allows their creativity to soar. Magnetic drawing boards for kids allow your children to practice their drawing skills and make their own designs. Flowers, animals, furniture, buildings, and shapes, among other things, are a few designs that your children can experiment with using a magnetic drawing board.

5. Warli Art

The Warli art, the art that represents the Varli tribe in the outskirts of Maharashtra, is mainly dominated by basic geometric shapes like circles, triangles and squares that stand as a symbol of natural elements in our environment. For example, the circles represent the sun and moon while triangles illustrate mountains.

Using Warli art patterns, your children learn how to make figures such as humans, birds, animals, and plants, and while doing so they also get acquainted with Varli’s life and the art that they are associated with. Interesting activity, isn’t it?

A skill is like a tree sapling. It grows and thrives if you nourish and cultivate it but dies if you neglect it. These games ensure that, just like the sapling, the artistic nature of your child will be brought out and nurtured for long-lasting life skills development.

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