Two-Step Verification

At Snooplay authenticity is at the core of everything we do. From the very first step of sourcing our products to the point of delivery, Snooplay ensures that quality is something we never compromise with.

 We strictly follow a two-step verification process whereby we ensure that every product is checked; first at the time of storage in the warehouse, and then again before dispatch.

Further, we always source our products directly from the trusted manufacturers. Since we’ve been sourcing products from the same manufacturers for over 40 years now, the relationship is driven by the shared value of quality and we are assured to get nothing but the original product.

All our content is original and created in-house, with routine checks of quality, features and legitimacy of all the products, and nothing reaches the customer before being verified. Our team spends great time and effort in manually taking photographs and writing product descriptions of all our products to ensure that customers get what they are paying for.

Finally, we want all our customers, young and old, to be happy with what they get, because of which we have an easy and smooth refund policy, wherein we assure our customers that we take back anything that isn’t satisfactory. It is imperative for us that we maintain 100% authenticity of all product offerings, because for us nothing – and absolutely nothing – is more important than building and retaining our customers’ trust.

So, shop with us, sit back and relax, and let us take all your worries away!