The Snooplay Story

In an age where there is an online platform for everything, the toys and games industry’s digital presence remains a nascent ecosystem. And that’s where Snooplay comes in. The brainchild of two millennials who wanted to usher the world of toys and games in India into the digital era, Snooplay is a discovery platform that uses AI to help you find the right toy or game for your child, and you! 

For years, we’ve been observing a rudimentary approach to purchasing toys and games in India, where offline purchases are largely influenced by the limited knowledge and expansive sales skill of the shopkeeper. And online purchases are influenced by customer bias and limited information. 
And this is what led to the creation of a tech-driven platform that disrupts the current buying behaviours - to improve the decision-making & buying process to truly benefit the customers. 

At Snooplay, we understand that the problem is not searching for the right product, but actually knowing what the right product is. That’s where our AI-powered recommendation tool and informative videos come into place. Using historical data and the future developmental needs of children, Snooplay allows you to go beyond just searching for the right toys and games - it allows you to actually discover them! 

We have adopted a three-tier approach when offering a wide range of international and domestic brands, making it extremely easy to find the right toys and games:

1). Discovering toys and games across different categories, based on skills, personality types, and interests.

2). At Snooplay, toys and games aren’t just for kids. We cater to customers of all age groups - children or adults.

3). From destigmatizing gender-biased buying to including products for children with special needs, we are a truly inclusive platform. 

The end goal: you find authentic toys and games you actually need (but may have not known of before) and we cater to an enriching customer shopping experience.

Ultimately, irrespective of why you’re buying a product, or even when you’re buying a product, Snooplay will help you find the right toy and game!