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The early years of a child's life are crucial for their overall development. During this period, children aged 1-2 years undergo significant physical, cognitive, and emotional growth. As parents and caregivers, it's essential to provide them with the right tools and opportunities to explore, learn, and have fun. One such avenue is through age-appropriate toys and games. Snooplay offers a unique and innovative solution. A marketplace that specializes in toys and games for all age groups, parents can easily find the right toys and games that cater to their child's specific needs, interests, and developmental stage. Advantages of Toys and Games for children aged 1 – 2 years: 1. Stimulating Development: Toys and games designed for 1-2-year-olds engage their senses, encouraging cognitive, motor, and social-emotional development. By manipulating objects, children refine their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. 2. Language and Communication: Interactive toys and games foster language development by introducing new words, sounds, and concepts. They can enhance vocabulary, encourage imitation, and facilitate early communication skills, such as pointing, gesturing, and simple conversations. 3. Problem-Solving and Creativity: Age-appropriate toys and games present challenges that promote problem-solving abilities and imaginative play. Puzzles, shape sorters, and building blocks help children develop logical thinking and spatial reasoning skills. 4. Emotional Development: Toys and games provide opportunities for children to express their emotions, learn empathy, and develop social skills. Dolls, stuffed animals, and pretend-play sets allow them to practice nurturing, sharing, and understanding emotions. Toys and Games the Best Teacher: Toys and games serve as invaluable teachers for children aged 1-2 years by offering hands-on learning experiences. Here's how they contribute to different areas of development: 1. Fine Motor Skills: Toys like building blocks, shape sorters, and puzzles assist in developing hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, and grasping abilities. Building blocks encourage grasping, stacking, and precise placement. Shape sorters require manipulating shapes and fitting them into corresponding openings. Puzzles with large, chunky pieces refine finger movements and hand control. 2. Gross Motor Skills: Ride-on toys, push-and-pull toys, and climbing structures encourage balance, coordination, and physical strength. They promote forward propulsion, walking, pulling objects, climbing, crawling, and balancing. 3. Cognitive Skills: Age-appropriate puzzles, nesting cups, and memory games promote logical thinking, problem-solving, and memory retention. Puzzles develop problem-solving abilities. Nesting cups enhance spatial awareness. Memory games improve concentration and memory. 4. Social and Emotional Skills: Pretend-play toys, dolls, and stuffed animals nurture empathy, sharing, and emotional expression. Pretend-play sets allow imitation and imaginative play. Dolls and stuffed animals foster empathy and nurturing skills. 5. Sensory Exploration: Toys with various textures, colours, and sounds stimulate sensory development. Soft books engage touch and visual stimulation. Rattles provide auditory stimulation and encourage grasping. Sensory balls offer tactile exploration. Musical instruments allow sound and rhythm exploration. 6. Language and Communication: Toys and games with buttons, levers, and interactive features introduce cause-and-effect relationships, promote early language skills, and encourage imaginative play. They provide auditory feedback and introduce new words and concepts. Imaginative playsets foster communication and language skills through role-playing. Toys and Games Safety Tips: Ensuring the safety of children while playing with toys is of paramount importance. Here are some safety tips for selecting and using toys and games: 1. Age Appropriateness: Choose toys and games specifically designed for children aged 1-2 years to ensure they meet their developmental needs and safety standards. 2. Avoid Small Parts: Steer clear of toys and games with small detachable parts that can pose a choking hazard. 3. Non-Toxic Materials: Opt for toys and games made from safe and non-toxic materials, free from lead, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. 4. Sturdy Construction: Select toys and games that are well-constructed, without sharp edges or loose parts that could cause injuries. 5. Supervision: Always supervise children while playing with toys and games, especially those involving small parts or potential hazards. Best Selling Categories: When it comes to toys and games for children aged 1-2 years, several categories remain popular among parents and caregivers. Some of the best-selling categories include: 1. Busy Boards - Busy Boards are interactive games featuring a variety of activities and sensory experiences that captivate young minds and keep them entertained. With bright colours, different textures, and interactive features, Busy Boards provide a safe and stimulating play experience that promotes cognitive development, hand-eye coordination, and sensory exploration. They are a perfect choice for encouraging independent play and fostering early learning in young children. Best-selling Busy Roads – a. 10-in-1 Activities Flippy Busy Board - The 10-in-1 Activities Flippy Busy Board is a versatile educational toy designed to develop fine motor skills, dressing skills, object permanence, problem-solving abilities, and cognitive skills. With activities focused on colour, letter and number recognition, and counting, this toy offers a balanced level of challenge to keep children engaged without causing frustration. It serves as an effective tool for teaching life skills, making it ideal for both preschool teaching aids and home educational activities. Furthermore, it facilitates parent-child interactions, fostering a strong bond while promoting learning. b. 4 Travel Activity Busy Cube - The 4 Travel Activity Busy Cube is a six-sided educational toy that offers seven different activities to stimulate children's cognitive development. From recognizing and finding fruits to spinning gear fidgets, fitting shapes, playing with sequins fabric, learning counting through hanging wooden balls, exploring English alphabets, and engaging with hanging walls and clouds, this cube keeps children entertained and mentally stimulated for hours. Following the Montessori Method, this toy aids in problem-solving, cognitive skill improvement, and overall physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. c. 7-in-1 Wooden Activity Triangle - The 7-in-1 Wooden Activity Triangle is a busy board that promotes problem-solving and cognitive skill development while providing hours of entertainment for children. By encouraging exploration and physical activity, this toy helps toddlers learn about their environment and gain a better understanding of their surroundings. Following the principles of the Montessori Method, this activity triangle supports children's physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth. 2. Ride-Ons & Walkers – Get ready for adventure with ride-ons and walkers! These exciting toys provide hours of fun and active play for little ones. From colourful push-along walkers that help develop balance and coordination to ride-on cars and bikes that fuel imaginations, these toys are designed to keep kids on the move. Let them zoom around the house or take their first steps with confidence. Ride-ons and walkers encourage physical activity while sparking endless adventures and creating cherished childhood memories Best-selling Ride Ons & Walkers - a. Military Jeep - Experience the thrill of the military with our incredible Military Jeep ride-on car and walker. Designed with a complete military theme, this toy is perfect for kids who love army adventures. It features storage space under the seat, a supportive backrest for walking, and a steering wheel with a horn. Not only does it provide endless fun, but it also promotes exercise, motor skills, coordination, and balance. Give your little ones the best ride-on car and walker for a truly exciting playtime experience. b. Falcon Tricycle - The Falcon toy tricycle is not only eye-catching but also a joy to ride. With its low-rise seat and ergonomic design, it offers a comfortable sitting posture and effortless pedaling for kids. The unique curves of the grips make it easy to hold on to while riding. Let your child soar on the Falcon tricycle and enjoy the perfect blend of style and functionality. c. Activity Walker for Kids - Enhance your child's playtime with the versatile Giggles Activity Walker. This foldable wooden walker combines sitting and playing activities with push-and-go walking. With various engaging toys and games, it stimulates hand-eye coordination and promotes brain development. The colourful accessories and wheels allow your child to push and play with the walker, providing exercise and endless fun. Plus, its foldable design makes storage a breeze. 3. Active Play – Get those little bodies moving with active play toys and games! These toys and games are designed to engage children in physical activities and promote a healthy, active lifestyle. From bouncing balls to skipping ropes, these toys and games inspire outdoor play and active fun. They help develop motor skills, coordination, and strength while providing endless entertainment. Whether it's a game of catch, a hopscotch challenge, or a friendly race, active play toys and games keep kids active, energized, and full of smiles. Best-selling in active play– a. Foldable Baby Garden Slide for Kids - Get ready for endless fun with our foldable baby garden slide! Perfectly sized for little ones, this slide is easy to fold and unfold, making storage a breeze. Watch as your child develops balance and coordination skills while gliding down this colourful slide. Made from durable, safe materials, it's the ideal addition to your backyard or play area. b. 3 in 1 Rocker, Slider and Table - Keep your children entertained with our versatile 3 in 1 climber, slider, and table! It's a multi-functional playset that easily converts into a picnic table, non-tilt rocker, and climbing trainer. Setup is a breeze with no tools required, whether it's for indoor or outdoor use. Create a fun playground in your home garden or backyard that will keep your toddlers engaged and active. c. Roller Coaster For Kids - Let the thrilling ride begin with our roller coaster for kids! Designed for maximum enjoyment, it features a comfortable car with a high backrest and footrests for a joyous and secure ride. Watch as your little ones spend hours of fun on this exciting rail adventure. 3. Wooden Toys and Games- Step into a world of timeless charm with wooden toys. Crafted from natural, sustainable materials, these toys and games offer durability, quality, and a touch of nostalgia. From classic building blocks to intricately designed puzzles, wooden toys spark creativity and imagination. They promote open-ended play, allowing children to explore and discover at their own pace. With their warm textures and natural beauty, wooden toys and games are not only engaging but also environmentally friendly. Embrace the simplicity and enduring appeal of wooden toys and games for hours of wholesome and imaginative play. Best-selling Wooden Toys and Games – a. Wooden Ramp Racer Track Set - Unleash the thrill of speed with our wooden ramp racer track set. Watch as the cars zoom down the ramps, providing endless entertainment while promoting hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. b. Wobbly Penguin - Roly Poly Toys For Toddlers - Meet our adorable Wobbly Penguin! This roly poly toy in a black suit is designed to teach your baby about balance while sparking their curiosity. It's a captivating source of entertainment that will keep your little one engaged for hours. c. The Builder Wooden Toy - Let your child's imagination soar with our unique wooden castle blocks. With their medieval castle shapes, these natural wood blocks are perfect for hours of creative play. They promote hand-eye coordination, patience, and social interaction, making them an ideal toy for developing fine motor skills and fostering meaningful parent-child bonding. 4. Shapes & Stackers – Fuel your child's curiosity and learning with shapes and stackers! These toys and games offer endless opportunities for skill-building and cognitive development. From colourful blocks to shape sorters, they introduce basic shapes, colours, and sizes while enhancing fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. Watch as your little one explores, stacks, and builds with excitement, fostering a strong foundation for early math concepts and a sense of accomplishment. Best-selling in Shapes and Sorters – a. Shape Sorter Jumbo - This educational game is a must-have! Engage your child's mind with shape sorting fun. Unlock their potential and boost their cognitive development while they play. b. Shape And Number House - Discover endless learning possibilities with this five-sided wooden triangle. From letters and pictures to an abacus and clock, it's a multifunctional toy that promotes learning and skill development. c. Wooden Blocks & Puzzles Game - Watch your child's cognitive skills soar with wooden puzzles. From hand-eye coordination to problem-solving, these puzzles enhance concentration and spatial understanding. Ignite their creativity and vocabulary while they explore shapes and colours. 5. Sensory Toys – Engage your child's senses with sensory toys! Designed to stimulate sight, touch, and sound, these captivating toys provide a multisensory experience. Soft books with textures and rattles with gentle sounds promote cognitive development and sensory integration. They spark curiosity, improve focus, and offer a soothing effect, making them perfect for children with sensory sensitivities. Let your child embark on a sensory adventure with these delightful toys that engage their senses and promote exploration. Best-selling Sensory Toys and Games - a. Farm Animal Sensory Kit - Experience the wonders of the farm at home with our Farm Animal Sensory Kit Toy! Engage your child's senses with textural bases, delightful farm animals, and endless play possibilities. It fosters creativity, language development, and fine motor skills while providing a mess-free play experience. Perfect for independent play and learning. b. Sensory Kit - Ignite your child's imagination and boost their skills with our all-natural Sensory Toy Kit. Designed for small hands, it promotes fine motor skills, sensory understanding, and open-ended play. Made with durable, safe materials, it's a versatile set that encourages exploration and learning. c. Peppa Sensory Explosion Kit - Dive into the world of Peppa with our explosive sensory toy kit! Let your child decorate characters using different textures, sparking creativity and sensory development. Accompanied by themed worksheets, it's a screen-free, magical experience for your little one. 6. Activity Kits & Puzzles - Unleash the joy of discovery and problem-solving with activity kits and puzzles. These engaging toys and games offer a world of learning and entertainment. From science kits that unlock the mysteries of the universe to arts and crafts sets that inspire creativity, activity kits provide hands-on experiences that engage young minds. Puzzles, on the other hand, challenge children to think critically, improve their concentration, and enhance their cognitive skills. Whether it's assembling a 3D puzzle or conducting a fascinating science experiment, activity kits and puzzles provide endless opportunities for learning, growth, and fun. Best-selling Activity Kits and Puzzles – a. 3-in-1 Activity Bundle Set - Packed with skill-building projects, this bundle includes tracing cards, pattern activities, and foam stickers. Encourage creativity and motor skills in kids with easy-to-follow instructions. Enjoy the learning, motor grip, and fun activities all in one! b. Toddler's Puzzle Set - Develop cognitive and motor skills with these educational puzzles. Each piece features colourful artwork by professionals, promoting problem-solving and hand-eye coordination. Safe and portable for on-the-go fun and learning! c. Activity Kit Pack 1 - Explore, learn, and play with this educational game kit. With Velcro-based activity sheets and a matching game, it boosts knowledge, sensory skills, and fine motor development. Perfect for homeschooling or travel, it guarantees hours of engaging fun! 7. Soft Toys - Enter a world of cuddles and companionship with soft toys. These lovable plush companions offer comfort, warmth, and endless hugs. From adorable teddy bears to cute animals, soft toys become cherished friends for children. They provide comfort during bedtime, spark imaginative play, and foster emotional development. Soft toys offer a sense of security and can be a source of solace during challenging times. Let your child's imagination soar as they create imaginative stories and build lasting friendships with their soft and snuggly companions. Best-selling soft toys – a. Soft Hand Knitted Crochet Cotton Thread Doll: These cute design soft toys are made from premium quality, soft, textured 100% pure cotton knit fabric. They provide the perfect bedtime snuggle, offering soft hugs and creating sweet memories for years to come. Whether it's a birthday gift, christening gift, or any special occasion, this crochet doll is a wonderful choice to bring joy and comfort to your baby or kids. b. Furrendz Dashing Dino Plush: Meet the Dashing Dino Plush from Furrendz! This adorable plush toy is perfect for playtime and snuggling. Made with high-quality materials, it offers a soft and cuddly companion for your little one. Let their imagination run wild with this lovable dino friend. c. Baby Shark Plush Dance Along with Plush Toy: Join the fun with the Baby Shark Plush Dance Along toy! This delightful plush toy not only offers cuddly comfort but also dances along to the popular Baby Shark song. Watch your kids giggle and dance along with their favorite shark friend. It's a must-have toy for endless entertainment. 8. Dough Play Set – Unleash your child's creativity with a dough play set! These sensory toys and games provide a tactile and imaginative play experience. With colourful dough, rolling pins, and fun accessories, children can shape, mold, and create to their heart's content. Dough play sets promote fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and artistic expression. From crafting amazing sculptures to baking imaginary treats, these sets provide a world of hands-on fun and artistic exploration. Let your child's imagination come to life with the endless possibilities of dough play. Best-selling Dough Play Sets - a. Dough Pride Pack - Set of 6 Colours of Taste-Safe Clay: Introduce your kids to the wonderful world of Lattoo Dough, a soft and taste-safe clay for kids. With endless possibilities for creative play, this dough provides a multi-sensory experience and is perfect for activities, playdates, and projects. Works best with Lattoo dough tools. b. Calm Colours - Uber Range of Soft Dough: Discover our new range of soft colours in DoughReMom balls. These organic and non-toxic doughs are lab tested and certified taste-safe. With ample quantity for multiple playdates, they ignite endless imaginations and can be transformed into anything your little one dreams of. This dough promotes fine and gross motor skills, sensory stimulation, vocabulary development, spatial orientation, and logical thinking. c. The Jungle Safari Dough Kit for Kids: Take your kids on an exciting adventure with this Safari kit. Complete with 500gms of dough, a rolling pin, and 12 animal figurines, it's like a free ticket to Madagascar and the Lion King. Let their imagination roam wild in the world of the jungle safari with lots of fun. What's Unique: The uniqueness of toys and games for children aged 1-2 years lies in their ability to cater to the specific developmental needs of this age group. These toys are carefully designed to be safe, engaging, and encourage learning through play. Their vibrant colours, interactive features, and age-appropriate challenges make them highly appealing to young children, fostering their curiosity, creativity, and overall growth. At Snooplay, we have curated sections of toys and games according to age, skill development, nurturing personality, premium and so on. We believe each child a potential and toys and games could be the best medium to help them explore and express themselves. Conclusion: Toys and games play a crucial role in the development of children aged 1-2 years. They provide a safe and engaging platform for children to explore, learn, and have fun. By understanding the advantages of toys and games, recognizing their role as teachers, ensuring safety, and choosing the right toys for different developmental areas, parents and caregivers can optimize the learning potential and enjoyment for their little ones. Remember, the best toys and games are those that strike a balance between fun and educational value, encouraging children to discover and grow in a nurturing environment.
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