5 Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Rakhi for Your Brother

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival that celebrates brotherhood, love and trust. It is that time of the year when a sister ties a rakhi (thread) on her brother’s wrist as a symbol of her kinship with him. In return, the brother vows, within his capability, to protect her from all evil and danger that life may throw at her. Of course, this ritual isn't complete without presenting a gift to you. In case he had no clue what's best for you, well, you can let him check out some cool and ideal rakhi gift ideas here.

This occasion is an opportunity to choose gifts that fit. But you don’t just pick gifts without paying attention to details. Remember, gifts are not for you. They are for someone else who may or may not have the same personality as you. So it is crucial to think about who they are or what they like before choosing that perfect present.

This Rakhi, we list the things you need to consider or keep in mind while choosing the right rakhi for your brother.

  •  Colour

There is a reason why things are made the way they are. Colour, for example, transcends emotions. It can make someone happy, sad, or angry. It also creates a mood, especially if you want to solicit a certain effect from or express a particular feeling towards the receiver.

Although certain colours mean differently to some people, it helps to remember which one is your brother's choice. This way, it is easier for you to pick the right rakhi gift for him. 

  • Material

What things are made of is one of the main questions you will want to consider answered when buying something for someone. Not all materials are skin-friendly. Some people are allergic to some materials, especially to items with a fake material or a mixture of two or more. So make sure that when you buy your brother a rakhi, it doesn’t end up in the locker, or in a recycling bin for that matter, simply because you forgot that your beloved sibling has an allergy to a certain type of material.

  • Symbol

Like necklaces or rings, rakhis too have add-ons that give meaning to the entire item. Take the infinity symbol, for example. This 'figure eight on its side' variously signifies the concept of limitlessness or eternity. A rakhi designed with this symbol could mean that your love knows no bound. It could also mean that the love you share with your brother is so deep that it surpasses death. What to remember, however, is whether the symbol makes sense to you or your brother. After all, it isn't the gift that really matters but the thought and intent that goes with it that does.

  • Personality

All of the above-mentioned elements contribute to the overall idea behind why you are buying a particular gift for someone. At the end of the day, your knowledge about your brother's personality supersedes any other factors. Whether he's timid or loud, rowdy or gentleman, it is a must to keep their personality in mind. Surely, it would make choosing of gift easier for you.

Consider asking the following questions:

1. What do they not have?

Think about it. Why would someone want two of the same thing? Right! You get the gist. Unless the replica is a replacement, it is just a waste of money and resources. Surely, knowing what your brother would want to have is also a reflection of how well you know him as a person.

2. What are they interested in? Are they into movies, music or photography?

A gift is more appreciated when you put much thought into it. A rakhi that is made based on someone's hobbies can really be very interesting. If your brother is into cooking, a rakhi with a chef's hat will be nice.

3. What is their lifestyle?

Nowadays, it is not difficult to identify someone's lifestyle. If your brother is into a healthy lifestyle, a rakhi with a barbell or dumbbell would make more sense than any other design.

  • Price

Gifts need not be expensive. As the popular statement goes, it isn't the gift that lifts someone's spirit but the thought and effort that go with it. After all, while the cheapest gift can be a treasure, the costliest should not cause heart failure. You also have to consider whether your brother appreciates ridiculously priced gifts. Remember, gifting is more about its recipient. 

Gifting, in any form, is considered one of the kindest gestures we can extend to our fellowmen. What makes it more special is when we are doing it to our loved ones, especially when studies associate gift-giving with good human behaviour and state that it bridges gaps, creates bonds and helps bring people closer.

However, the process itself can be a bit complex. That is largely due to the fact that we want it to be as precise as we want it to. We do not want anything to go wrong when we choose a gift for someone we care about, don't we?

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