Toys That Help Kids Understand How the World Works

Toys aren’t only for fun and entertainment. Whether we realize it or not, toys are educational.  It’s not a wonder why educational toys are what parents seek for their children. How so? Because they remind us of things we aren't usually bothered about but are playing a crucial role in our day-to-day lives.

Take for example a toy bike that you are taking to the office or market or to school to drop your kid off, the toy bike provides children with some important learning information such as:

  • It takes them from one place to another.
  • It needs petrol to run.
  • It requires proper care to last.
  • It reminds children to be careful when driving because of its smaller size compared to other transports.
  • Using it when it rains gets you drenched.
  • It squeezes its way through traffic making it more convenient to use in cities than vehicles with more than two wheels.

In other words, toys give more than you realize. And mind you, diecast cars are equally interesting too. In fact, there are 20 things that you need to know about diecast car scale models. Visit the link and be amazed!

But what are these toys that help kids understand how the world works?

1. Breakdown Service Truck

A breakdown service truck is popularly known as a tow truck. It is also known as a wrecker, recovery vehicle or breakdown lorry). Tow trucks are used to move disabled, improperly parked, impounded, or otherwise indisposed motor vehicles.

The benefits of playing with breakdown service trucks include:

  • It gives kids an idea that if a car or other forms of vehicle break down on the road, it will be pulled to a mechanical shop for repair by a breakdown service truck.
  • It helps them realize that in some other countries, illegal parking is taken seriously and when someone violates this their car can be towed by a breakdown service truck and impounded.
  • It reminds them that drivers have specific jobs to do as well

2. Crane Toy (Pull Back Toy Truck)

A crane truck is also known as a forklift truck. This truck has a crane, generally equipped with a hoist rope, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves attached to it for loading and unloading heavy goods such as construction materials, portable cabins, and machinery, among other heavy equipment. It is mainly used for lifting heavy objects and transporting them to other places.

Playing with a crane truck teaches children:

  • Vocabulary. Kids become familiar with terms and their synonyms such as 'lift and hoist'. They will also learn that a word can mean many things like 'crane' is also a 'bird' and is considered the world's tallest bird, etc.
  • It also shows them how enormous construction buildings are set up and built.
  • It enables them to understand that there are machines designed to lift even the heaviest object mankind has created.

3. Ambulance Toy

An ambulance is a vehicle used to transport people and nonhuman animals who are sick or injured.

What does playing with an ambulance toy do to kids?

  • It makes them recognize that ambulances are either trucks with space for patients or cargo vans with raised roofs.
  • It helps them realize that ambulances use a siren to alert vehicles ahead to make way for it so that the patient in need of medical attention reaches the hospital on time.
  • It helps them understand the reason why at the front of the ambulance the word 'ambulance' is written in reverse. We hope you know.
  • It helps them remember the number associated with it in case of emergencies.
  • It reminds them to take care of their health and stay as healthy as possible.

4. JCB Earth Mover Toy

An earthmover is a machine such as a bulldozer used for excavating, pushing, hauling or transporting large quantities of earth.

The benefits of playing with the JCB earth mover toy include:

  • Vocabulary building. Words such as bulldoze, debris, mud, rubble, landslide, cloudburst, roadblock, etc. are just a few terms that kids learn while playing with a JCB earth mover.
  • Kids learn to associate real physical images with the machine that creates them. For example, a large hole for a pillar foundation of a building can only be dug by an earth mover. Also, when they see a huge pile of rocks or mud blocking the road, kids will know which vehicle is required to clear the way.
  • Children get to appreciate the ingenuity of the human mind -- humans being able to design and invent such incredible and enormous machines.
  • Kids learn to understand the crucial roles these machines play in our lives or how they make our existence more convenient. For example, during a landslide and the road is closed, trips and journeys could resume as early as possible with a JCB earth mover to the rescue.

5. Public Goods Truck

Has your kid wondered where our food comes from or how they are transported from the farm to the market or grocery stores? Well, playing with public goods trucks will expose them to how important public goods trucks are:

  • It makes them understand that food travels for miles to reach places where people like their parents can access them easily.
  • It helps them see the effort that goes into ensuring there is food available all the time.
  • It also allows them to think critically about what happens when public goods trucks break down on the way to deliver the goods they’re carrying.
  • Playing with public goods truck keep them aware of their other uses such as transporting household things while shifting houses or garbage collection.

There are plenty of toys that help children understand how the world works. These are just five of them. But we hope that with this list, you get the gist of what other toys and games your kids should be exposed to.


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