An All-time Messages, Punch Lines and Poems for Brothers and Sisters

"Words are mightier than swords; their impact, powerful.
They melt the hardest of metals; set relationships in stone."
Rakhi threads and gifts are best accompanied by memorable words that touch hearts, don't you think? Well, we do. So here are some messages, punch lines, and poems that your brother or sister would love to read or hear.

A brother is a bellwether,

Someone who leads and knows your needs

He wants his sister to be happy,

In every possible way

He does not only share his sister’s burden

But also wears her kitchen apron.

Our relationship has undergone trial by fire and ice
When I am too cold and distant, you burn some fuel to get me warmed up
When I am fiery and as hot as lava, you melt icebergs to keep me calm
Our story is like an allegory
We’re like two orphan pups
Struggling to survive
On the streets of nowhere
We don’t have everything
But we always have each other--
A flesh and blood back up.
We don’t talk frequently, but I feel your love abundantly. Even in your absence, I see your presence. Isn’t that weird that all the things I feared get thrown out of the window when I think of you?
You are my brother from another mother, but we bond like no other.
Mom said she’d taken you for granted and had your dreams discarded.
All I know is that her wish was granted when you came into her world and made her dreams come true.
You may have all features, charismatic
But your words however chromatic
Will find their abode in her attic
If you impress her with your tactics, romantic.
Know her interests instead, including her fetishes
Ask about her doubts, join in her workouts
Take part in her plans, lend her some hands
Get her mind then you’ll realize she’s a great find.
They say you are lucky to have a sister like me. What they don’t know is that you had crossed turbulent seas and high oceans just so I can
reach where I am now.
“He makes hearts flutter. But if you play with his, yours will be found in the gutter,” says the sharp sister whose words stung.
“She makes hearts quiver. If you break hers, your better wear armour,” claims the caring brother whose words were alarming.
You are a bunch of clouds that carry the rain. You don't only make people grow, you help them thrive.
So, do you have a favourite? Tell us more about it in the comment section.
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