Quarantine Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Note: This blog was written before the government's decision to open up Green and Orange Zones for delivery of non- essentials. We are now shipping orders to these zones. Of course, you are free to try out these ideas too. Red Zone people, rescuing you with our ideas right now! :-)


Mother's Day is fast approaching, and in this period of lockdown, it's extremely difficult to find the 'perfect gift' for our mom. So what do we do? Hmm, MAKE a perfect gift! After all, handmade gifts are way more precious than the one we buy from stores. Also, they are pretty less heavy on our wallets (not that it matters right now) and needs just a few things to create extremely beautiful gifts. 

So, let's see what we can do to make this quarantine Mother's Day super special! 

1. Cook something special

Yes, the best option. Cook something special for your mom. It can be as simple as your daily lunch (you know, the usual roti, sabzi, daal, and stuff) or you can make a nice yummy dessert. Whatever you cook, and however it turns out, your mom's going to praise your dish, guaranteed. Why? 'cz, a mother's heart! 

Also, cooking up a dish actually showcases the efforts you've put in & the love you've poured in making the dish. You can give her a morning bed breakfast service as well, and trust us, she'd really be thankful for that one extra hour of her 'cosy bed' comfort.

2. Spend quality time with Mom

Quarantine has definitely given us that much-needed break from routine office life. It has blessed our privileged class with the family time we couldn't make out time for. And even when under lockdown, honestly, how much time have you spent with your mother? Just the two of you? Talking about your future goals and sharing laughter listening to her stories? 

This Mother's Day, give her your undivided attention. Hear your mother's thoughts, ask for her opinions, and share your viewpoints with her. You'll learn a lot from her experiences. And she'll learn new things out of yours. Moreover, you'll have that bonding time that's always needed, never taken care of.

3. Prepare a song/ dance/ skit

Get along with your siblings and prepare a sketch dedicated to your mother. Want to be the solo star? Dedicate a song to your mom, or maybe a dance number. Even if you don't know how to! Just that attempt, that little effort you made, that's enough to make your mom's day. It's going to melt her heart. Write it down if you don't agree. We'll see who wins.

4. Make a cute greeting card

Even if you are really bad at drawing, try your hand at making a greeting card this Mother's Day. Remember those childhood times when greeting cards were considered to be the most special gift a person could receive? Bring that back. You can make a simple greeting card with a few easy designs and a sweet Mother's Day message for your mom, or go all out and fancy with frills, colours, glitters, etc.

Whatever it is that you create, it's gonna touch your mom's heart. Be ready with a box of tissues to hear a sweet "Thank you beta!" or "Nahi nahi, aankh mein much chala gaya hai". Pick a flower from your garden to pair up with your greeting card!

5. Handmade Photo Frame

A DIY photo frame with a family picture is going to melt your mom to god knows what level. Make a simple photo frame out of cardboard pieces, you can even stick colourful papers to hide that raw brown background. Don't have cardboard pieces handy? No problem. There's always a carton box here or there at home (don't forget to check the storehouse and the garage!). Use that instead of craft cardboard pieces.

Or maybe make a lacy photo frame by sewing some cloth pieces together! If you don't have a photograph that can fit the frame, write up a sweet message that can be as simple as "Love you, Mom" or could include a little quote about mothers or Mother's Day.

6. Video Call your Mom

Away from home? And of course, owing to current scenarios, cannot be with your mumma on this special day? You got to make her feel special nonetheless. Grab your phone and make a quick sweet call to your mom. Better still, video call her on WhatsApp, Google Duo, FaceTime, anywhere. Your mom won't be able to resist her happiness on seeing the apple of her eye, and for the apple making their mommy bear feel so special!

A video call will shorten the distance between you two. Well geographically it will, cz otherwise, you are always in your mom's prayers and heart, and mom's in yours!

7. Send a sweet text message 

Not very good at expressing yourself? Felt shy/ awkward saying a few special somethings over the video call? Put up a WhatsApp/ FaceBook/ Instagram update that not only lets your momma know how you feel but also tells the world what your mom means to you. Don't believe in such things? Feel it's too flashy and kind of a show-off thing?

Well, drop a sweet message for your mom on her WhatsApp/ FaceBook/ Instagram or her contact number. Tell her all that you feel, how blessed you are, and how precious she is to you (yes she already knows, but you got to express!). Or maybe, send a voice note. A sweet message in the voice of her sweetest child is that one gift your mother will trade the world for!


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