Premium Wooden Games & Toys for Toddlers & Kids

Our range of premium wooden products includes educational toys that will help in developing a child’s basic skills as well as games that will ensure a fun experience for them. Here are 5 wooden toys and games handpicked from our collections to assure you and your little ones a fun learning experience:


  1. Wooden Flag Puzzle GameWooden Flag Puzzle game

This unique and one of a kind game is not only super interesting but extremely knowledgeable (not the boring kind, I promise) as well. You just have to guess what countries the given flags belong to. Not only will you learn about countries, you might even find your next vacation destination too!


  1. Wooden Magnetic Puzzle with Black & White Board

Wooden Magnetic Puzzle with black and white board

An intelligently designed box with a white magnetic board on one side and storage space on the other, this Wooden Magnetic Puzzle is just the educational toy your child needs. Children can create scenes right out of their imagination on the whiteboard by using the available magnetic puzzles. And once playtime is over, the puzzles go right back in the storage space.


  1. Jenga


Jenga is an ideal game for kids because it helps kids develop dexterity and creative thinking as they try to move the blocks without disturbing the precariously formed tower.


  1. Rocking Sheep

Rocking Sheep

With its cute design, back support and an easy-to-grip handle, this rocking sheep is bound to add joy in your little one’s life and become their new best friend.


  1. Multi-functional smart house

Multifunctional Wooden Smart House

A one-stop play destination for your child, the Multi-functional smart house can help them learn to explore, develop their cognitive abilities, curiosity together with improved motor skills and much more.


  1. Wooden Painting Set

Wooden Painting Set

Watch as the art loving child lets his imagination lose and brightens up your life as he/she creates worlds full of wonder with this superior quality wooden set. Browse through our collection of art and craft games here.


  1. Folding Wooden Magnetic Chess Board Set with Handcrafted Pieces

Wooden Chess

This magnetic chess board includes a wooden, fold-able board and handcrafted chess pieces. It’s the perfect set to add a little style to your daily game of chess. A collectible item, this set is wonderful to display, and great to play with too!

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