Vendors: 12 Reasons Why You Should Get on Board with Snooplay

"If you have something to sell, sell it online and do it on Snooplay!"
In a digital world where everything is available at your fingertips, it only stands to reason that if you have something to sell, make it available online where the majority of the people can access it. And that is because there are many plus points and benefits to selling online. It is fast, easy, and convenient. It saves time and effort, among other things.
This claim is true for all products across the internet. If your business is into toys and games, Snooplay is an online marketplace dedicated to providing your products full visibility. So if you are a vendor, you would be asking, "Why should I enlist my products on Snooplay? What does it offer? What makes it different from other online marketplaces?"
We have listed 12 reasons why, as vendors, you should enlist your products on Snooplay:
1. AI-powered recommendation tool and informative videos
Snooplay understands that the problem in e-commerce businesses is not about having a lack of ability to search for the right products but realizing what is the right product. With its AI-powered recommendation tool, Snooplay allows consumers to go beyond searching for the right toys and games. It enables customers to discover the right toys and games suited for all age groups.
2. Comprehensive categories of toys and games based on personality types, skills and interests
No two children are the same. Hence, a comprehensive list of toys and games catered to a child's personality type, skills, and interests makes it easier and more convenient for consumers to discover the right products for themselves and their children.
3. Snooplay accommodates the needs for toys and games of all age groups-- children and adults including individuals with special needs.
At Snooplay, consumers don't only discover and find toys and games for children but also discover and find toys and games for all age groups including people with special needs and you. We make sure that fun is not selective but inclusive.
4. Snooplay works on the 'discovery' model.

At Snooplay, we utilize an AI-powered technology that aids customers in discovering and finding the right toys and games for them and their loved ones. We make sure that the products listed on our website are categorized according to people's personality types, skills and interests. So if a customer is looking for a toy or game that helps develop their child's language skills, they can simply browse through our wide range of products listed on the website and find the toy they are searching for. Even better, this particular process can lead them to discover a toy or game that they didn't even know existed before but is actually what they need.

5. At Snooplay, toys and games don't have gender

The world has advanced and we can't be lagging, especially when the change in perception is the right kind of change. After all, we want to be one of the avant-gardes when it comes to proper changes.

At Snooplay, we believe that girls can play with cars and boys can play with dolls or boys can wear pink and skirts and girls can have their hair cut short and play men's sports, and that there is nothing wrong with that and it is absolutely acceptable! 

With this ideology, your products are made available to everyone regardless of gender and age.

6. Our conversion rate is 2.5%, which is higher than that of the industry average of 1%

The discovery model that Snooplay employs paves a path for consumers introducing them to toys and games that are based on personality types, skills, and interests. This way, they get exposed to the product that they actually need. Hence, the chances are high that once they discover such an item, they end up buying it, and this is what makes our sales conversion higher than the industry average.

7. Marketing strategies are in place on all social media platforms

Your brand tends to get higher and wider visibility because we market it on all social media channels via paid ads and organic traffic. Plus, we make sure that once you get on board with us, we send the news across. We also see to it that all new arrivals go live within 48 hours and are shared on our social media channels as well.

8. Reliable logistics partners

Snooplay has tied up with multiple shipping and logistics partners for hassle-free shipping at competitive pricing. This ensures that your products get delivered to customers on time.

9. Snooplay puts customer experience as the most important factor in scaling our business

We filter out cash on delivery (COD) orders, especially those with less probability of conversion. We have an automated and manual calling system in place to ensure that the customer is really interested in the product. We also have a strict exchange policy of 7 days wherein an item is only eligible for replacement in exceptional cases such as when the ordered product has gone out of stock.

10. One-on-one dashboard training.

Once vendors get on board, Snooplay provides one-on-one dashboard training to them. Doing so makes tracking all product-related details and movements easier and right at your fingertips. 

11. Funded by one of the largest conglomerates in India.

Recently, Snooplay raised Rs 4.05 crore (USD 535,000) in its seed round. This capital infusion boosts Snooplay to build tech that makes vendor and consumer experience fast, efficient and reliable, expand its supplier base that would bring more product options to people, hire talent that assists in driving its mission and vision forward, and increase brand awareness that eventually changes the way people shop for toys and games.

And this funding is just the beginning!

12. Recently awarded as a promising startup under the Atma Nirbhar Bharat campaign run by the Government of India.

As a promising start-up, Snooplay has more room to grow and what's better than growing with us, yes?

Our doors are open for partnership. And if yours are open, we would be knocking on them with a great opportunity that you should never miss.

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