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Looking from the perspective of a little kid, learning and fun are two polar opposites. But the truth of the matter is these two things are really important in everyone’s life, especially kids in their formative years. So it becomes rather important that a child enjoys what he learns.

Here are 9 games especially handpicked from our premium range of learning and educational games to guarantee a fun learning experience for your child:

  1. Wooden Multi-Function Learning Box

Wooden Multi function game

Is your little one also not a fan of maths and numbers? Ah, he is not alone. While we grew up hating maths, your child definitely won’t have to if they study using this wooden muti function box which comes equipped with an abacus, cards with numbers and signs, a blackboard and everything that your child needs for interesting and informative sessions. It stimulates the sensory development, helps in developing thinking ability, improves the operating ability, develops logical thinking ability, and even promotes hand-eye coordination.


  1. Word building

Word Building Game

Watch your little one channel their inner Wordsmith as they go on constructing words after words with this Word Building game. The multiple methods to increase the score make this seemingly basic game an intelligent play and helps players build on their vocabulary skills.


  1. 7 in 1 Rechargeable Solar Energy Kit

Solar Rechargeable Toy

With the available plastic parts, children can build up to 7 working space models. Furthermore, this unique and innovative solar energy kit is designed to encourage curiosity and creativity among children. The objective is to let children learn through practical experience and the use of natural solar power.


  1. Easel Magnetic White Board & Black Board

Easel Board

An ideal and creative tool for all young learners, this board allows them to practice their reading, spelling and comprehension skills. Moreover, it helps children focus on their word, object and number recognition.


  1. Electronic World Trade – International Banking Game

Electronic World Trade

The ultimate business game for the millennial generation, the Electronic World Trade lets one pretend to be an international banker or a global consultant and trade properties across the globe and also use an electronic banking unit to help track your finances. It also helps little kids build their social skills.


  1. Speller Junior

Speller Junior

Out with the obsolete methods of rote learning. Let your children develop their spelling skills with this super interesting and fun to play with board game! With over 500 words in the list, children are bound to learn, even as they compete.


  1. The Young Scientist

Young Scientist

An absolute favourite among all the kids, this intriguing game is not only crazily fun to play but also teaches young minds so much about science! The young scientist kit includes basic scientific equipment and an illustrated experiment booklet- basically the perfect elements to try experimenting with, be it exploring magnetism or creating invisible ink!


  1. World Safari

World Safari

A perfect blend of fun and learning, World Safari is an educational game that helps build memory skills and also improves one’s presence of mind. Whether curious or composed, every child is bound to love this unique board game where you travel across the path on the board by answering various questions about the continents, countries, and capitals across the globe.


  1. Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab Game

No, don’t worry. This isn’t your school’s boring chemistry lab where the strict lab assistants keep a watchful eye over you. This is actually the most fun filled chemistry lab ever, where you not only learn the basics but also the various elements and their difference!


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