Speller Junior (A Fun Way to Learn Spelling)
Speller Junior (A Fun Way to Learn Spelling)
Speller Junior (A Fun Way to Learn Spelling)

Speller Junior (A Fun Way to Learn Spelling)

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Does you kid hate studying? Has to learn new words, and spellings but doesn't want to?

Well, ditch traditional rote learning. Discover a fun way to learn with Speller board game and let your children build on their spelling skills. In this board game, players compete to score maximum points by correctly spelling the words that come up at their turn!

The Speller board game consists of over 700 words. This means that children are bound to learn, even as they compete to win the game. Speller board game helps improve learning skills, as well as language and communication skills. The healthy competition of words also helps develop a positive competitive spirit in your child

Don't just read, go grab the Speller board game for your little junior right away!

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How to play Speller board game?
  • Firstly, children race along the colour coded path with the roll of a dice. 
  • A spelling is asked from a particular colour pack where the pawn of the player has landed on the Speller play board.
  • If the player spells the word correctly, the marks assigned to the word are recorded for the particular player.
  • At the end of the board game, the player with the highest marks wins the Speller board game.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • How many players can play the Speller board game?

    Speller can be played by 2 to 4 players at a time.
  • How many spelling cards are there?

    Speller Junior board game consists of 704-word cards.
  • Can the board game be played by a 7 year old?

    No. Speller Junior board game is suitable for children aged 8 years and above.
  • Is the board provided with the game?

    Yes, the Speller board comes along with the Speller box set.
  • Does the game require a battery?

    No, Speller Junior does not require any battery.