UNO Rules That You Didn’t Know About

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UNO is the game of destruction. From a petty argument turning into a full-blown fight to not accepting defeat and screaming what the 'real rules' are. You have done it all. We have done it all. 

The card game can bring Thanos to shame in how it causes chaos. But we continue to love it because while it is the cause of a lot of our friendly troubles, we have so much fun playing it.

Yes, the UNO rules are a bit confusing. But it is more of how people have interpreted the game in their ways, and have gone ahead and confused themselves and many others. 

But we are here for you to sort out and filter the rules and present them to you in an easy manner for you to understand.

Here we have 5 UNO card game rules that you had no idea bout but you most definitely need to be aware of.

No More Stacking +2 Cards

How to play Uno? That sounds like an easy question to answer, right? But it is not. We know you might have come across the +2 card dilemma. If the player before you puts down a +2 card, and you have a Draw 2 card yourself, then you might stack it on, which would result in a chain of Draw 2 cards until one of the players doesn’t have the Draw 2 card. Yes, that poor soul will need to pick up 2 cards for every +2 card you’ve all put down.

Many players argue that this is not part of the original uno instructions and hence should not be followed. The feud about +2 has gone on for some time and UNO themselves came down to Twitter to put the fight to rest. They tweeted the following and put an end to an age-old question.

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Many players did take it up to roast UNO and called on how the new rule by UNO makes no sense. Each to their own?

Pulling Cards, What?

UNO has been at it through Twitter for the past couple of years to clear out every misconception. The playing card games' official Twitter handle tweeted that a player need not pull a card until they have a colour that matches the discard pile. 

This was followed by a Twitter user asking the card game giant whether they can play immediately with the card they pulled or would they have to wait till the next turn. To this question, @realUNOgame replied saying that the player can play it immediately.

The Plus 4 Wild Card Scare

The infamous plus 4 uno card has ended friendships and turned our best friends into frenemies. Yes, this is about that Draw 4 uno cards which can change your fate playing UNO card game. Just like +2 cards, you cannot stack +4 Uno cards. No, we didn’t say it. UNO said it. 

This was under the same thread of tweets that UNO put out about the pulling of cards. 

Along with the fact that you can’t stack Draw 4 cards, there is one more piece of information that you must digest today. You can only use this PLUS 4 card when you do not have any UNO card that matches the colour of the last card on the discard pile. Yes, this means you cannot randomly use the plus 4 uno card. Yes, this also means every time your friend put down a plus 4 right before you put your final card down, it was wrong. (Yes, you won!)

You can play the plus 4 if you have matching numbers or action cards. It is the colour of the cards that changes the game. 

A Sneak Attack against the plus 4 UNO card

The official uno rules have a way around if you think a co-player is using the plus 4 UNO card illegally. The Mattel Games official rules state that if you suspect a player using plus 4 cards when they have matching colour cards then you can challenge the player. The challenged player must then show you their hand i.e their set of uno cards. They must draw 4 cards instead of you if they have matching cards. But if the challenge is innocent, then you must draw 4 cards, a song with 2 extra cards. Like we said in the beginning, this is a game of destruction. 

UNO Blank Card or something more?

You would have noticed that along with the UNO skip card, uno reverse, and the other +2 uno cards you will find a blank card every time you take out the deck. But what do you think happens with it. Many times we are told, or we assume that this blank card is an extra card that we can use if we lose one of the numbers of cards or action cards. Of course. But along with being spare, this blank card can be used as a Wild Customizable Card. Mattel announced this as part of their uno wild card rules. 

You can use a pencil or an erasable marker to write a house rule on the card. This can be anything you want, so let your imagination go wild. Consent of all participants is necessary when it comes to the rule. You can erase the rule and come with new ones for every game you play, as you like it.

There you go! Go play uno like never before with all these new uno instructions. We hope you will share these uno rules with your friends, siblings, and close ones. Beware! They might not agree with you. So don’t forget to share this blog with them. But you can make up your own rules and choose what you would like to play, maybe even combine all the Big No’s tweeted UNO and create an uno cards list of rules you need to break. Make sure you have fun doing it. While you are doing that get your hands on a brand new set of UNO Cards by Mattel only on!

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