UNO Cards Game
UNO Cards Game

UNO Cards Game

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Get addicted to the fun card game of UNO!

Yes. Be it a chill evening scene with friends, a fun family get together, or a lazy Sunday afternoon, this card game fits all scenes. What more would you ask for than a card game that can be played with anyone & everyone, regardless of their age?! Also, UNO card game comes in a compact pack, making it easy for you to take it along- anywhere, everywhere. Whether it's a bus ride, a train journey, picnic scenes, or your cosy comfy bed, UNO card game created zero hassle, 100 % fun.

Grab this fun card game of UNO. We bet you'll never stop playing!

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How to play UNO card game?

  • Objective: Be the first player to get rid of all the cards in your hand in each round.

  • Keep aside the 4 Quick Play Reference playing cards from the deck of UNO cards.
  • Each player picks up a card; the person who gets the highest number is the Dealer.
  • The dealer shuffles the deck and deals 7 UNO card to each player. Keep the remaining cards in the center as the draw deck.
  • Pick the top card from the draw deck. Now play a card that matches the colour, symbol, or number as the drawn card.
  • In case you cannot play a card, pick up a card from the draw deck.  Also choose wisely when to play your action cards.
  • When left with only one card, say "UNO"! Play your last card to win a round of the UNO card game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How many players can play the UNO card game?

    UNO can be played by 2 to 10 players at a time.

  • How many cards are there in the UNO card game?

    The UNO card game deck consists of 112 cards in total.

  • Is the card game suitable for a 7-year-old kid?

    Yes. UNO card game can be played by anyone aged 7 years and above.

  • What happens if I forget to say "UNO"?

    If one of the players notice that you forgot to say "UNO", you'll have to draw two cards from the UNO draw deck!

  • What does the 'skip' action card do?

    If you play the skip card in UNO, the player next to you has to skip their turn.