10 Best Strategy Games That Will Make You a Genius

Are you a big fan of strategy board games? Are you always drawn to a chessboard or a fun family board game session of Scotland Yard? Well, then you have come to the right place. We will tell you about all the best strategy games that will help you become a genius. Yes! Strategy games are challenging, but the more you play, the more you get skilled at important skills like decision making, critical thinking, and logical skills as well. Strategizing is a key skill too, and it is quite helpful when you make the important decision not just in your personal life but also in your career. Top-notch companies and organizations are always looking for a good strategist. Someone who plans it all, knows it, and all plays by the rule, yet use his or her creative skills to make big changes. In short, an all-in-one genius. We know that sounds like a lot but you don't have a thing to worry about. These strategy games will give you enough training that you would need. 

1. Chess
The fun and exciting game of chess are well known to each of us. Shatranj has all the right elements of a strategy game which would train you to hone your skills. Buy a Sheesham Wood Set if you want the complete experience of playing in the good old days. The strategies for chess are many, but ultimately it comes down to how much a player can focus. It is not just about knowing all the moves. but also about anticipating your opponent's moves. And this board game should be accessible to all, so we have the Braile Chess Wooden Game that players with blindness can play with. Games for blind come in braille edition so it becomes easy for them to play this chess strategy game. If you want a fun mini version of this strategy game we have the 5 Packs of Chess (Small size) which could a fun return gift for kids as well. 


2. Battleship Startegy Board Game
The Funskool's Battleship Strategy game is the best if you want to relive the good old days. A very retro board game, it will be a trip down the nostalgia lane. This strategy game for kids comes with fun ships and battleships that you plot on the board game and take a hit or make a miss while trying to battle it out. This strategy game will push the players to think deeply and make all the correct moves to win this indoor game that is fun to play at home. The board games for friends and family can be enjoyed by anyone who understands the rules of the game. It helps in developing strategy skills that you can invest in if you or your kid plans to join the armed forces. 

3. International Business games
Business is the world of strategy and making the right move at the right time. If you are someone who cannot stop watching inspirational videos and documentaries about big businesspersons who inspire you then we urge you to get this fun International Business Board game. It consists of several important lessons and helps you increase your skills of teamwork and decision making. It is the perfect board game to play with friends who love taking on new challenges. The business board game is a simulation game that will help you hone your strategy development skills and make you a better business person. 

4. Chinese Checkers and Ludo 
Sometimes you need to take a trip back to the past and play board games like Ludo and Chinese Checkers. You can enjoy both at the same time now. Buy the Chinese Checkers & Ludo (2 in 1 game). You never realized but you were trained by playing these fun board games for kids.Chinese checkers will help in problem solving skills and raise your intelligence as well. It will help you concentrate. Ludo on the other hand is a usual sen as fun board games for kids. But titis more than just a board game. Ludo requires you to make sure all your pawns reach the center without losing track of what the other players are up to. It helps you in decision-making and making sure you are increasing your productivity levels. 

5. Super Mastermind Thinking Strategy Game
Secrets and codes are quite intriguing. A board game where you can make secret codes and decode them would be a lot of fun to play to right? You should get yourself this Super Mastermind game. The board game for kids is the best strategy game where you and your opponent will be creating fun secret codes and trying to decode each other's creations. Fun board games like Supermastermind are two player games that are great educational board games to play for kids. They help in sharpening your mind and helps in calculating how your opponent is thinking their moves. 

6. Othello Strategy board game
Do you love conquering and playing strategy games online? Then you would like the Othello board game where the objective is to cover up the maximum area on the gameboard while your opponent is also trying to do the same. If you love military games then you might take an instant liking to Othello. While you are expanding, you get to capture your opponent's discs too. Yes, this makes sit even better. Funskool board games like Othello are great strategy games that kids need to play with more often. It helps in thinking bigger, and using the right strategies, and sometimes even waiting a bit till the family board game of Othello is in your favor. 

7. Scotland Yard Detective Game for All
If you are all about detective shows and novels, then you would love to play funskool board game of Scotland Yard. Get on the streets chasing Mr. X as detectives with this fun strategy game. You would be riding taxis and buses to get hold of the culprit and while doing so you will be learning about making all the right moves. Decision making is a key element in this strategy board game. You will also better at your social skills and sharpen up your communication skills while you are playing this amusing family board game. As detectives, you will have to plot your way into cornering the culprit, Mr. X and if you are playing him, you need to run as far as you can in this exciting board game for kids. 

8. Scrabble Word Board Game

Are you big on fancy words? Do your friends tease you about how you resemble Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek? Then you must play Scrabble with them. Get all those words down on this board game, and you will be showing them who the real boss is. Scrabble board game requires you to use as many words as possible, strategically to win the highest points. It is a great word board game where you pick up on new words, spellings and understands how to use words in sentences. The best game for kids would be something that brings fun and learning together. Scrabble is a great way to learn new words while having a lot of fun playing. A great help in social and emotional development, it is among the best fun board games to play together with friends and family. 


9. Cluedo Murder Mystery Board Game
Murder mysteries always keep us on the edge of our seats. Whether it's an Agatha Christie novel or a famous who-dun-it film, you know you are crushing your fist in the anticipation of what will occur next and the big reveal. You can enjoy the same rush with a board game now. Cluedo is a fun murder mystery game that is also a great strategy game that kids and grownups can enjoy equally. It will train your strategy skills, critical thinking, and logical skills. All of which are necessary for making a great detective. You will have to follow the trials, use reason and deduction to figure out who the culprit is based on the evidence. sounds fun right? Well, get right to it before we have to drop another clue about how amazing this game is. 

10. Monopoly Board Game
Get your friends and family together for a fun evening of Monopoly. But remember this is not just a while away time kinda game. No, you need to use serious strategy skills to win this exciting board game. The monopoly board game is known for being an ever lasting fun board game where players have to trade with each other and follow the instruction from the community cards to race to win the richest person in the game. The board game helps in improving socialization skills and sharpens your understanding of trade and finance. It helps you become a genius by using great strategies to win the game against any odds. You might lose a bit of money, you might have to sell your property off, or even go to jail. But this fun family board game is the perfect indoor game that you need to get your hands on if you need to polish yourself to become a genius. 

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