10 Drinking Games to Go With Every Theme Party You Plan

Wondering about how to make the next theme party the coolest? Well, snoop right in because we have the 10 coolest drinking games that go well with every theme party you can think of!

If you are a party person, which we know you are since you are reading this, you would know games can make or break a party. And we all love good parties, don’t we? Now comes the twist. 

Planning a theme party is an art! A skill that is bestowed upon the most extrovert-est people. How do you know what drinking games will suit the theme party game ideas you’ve just had? Will a drinking card game be suitable for your birthday party game ideas? Nahhh! Don’t even think about it. To make sure that you don’t go ahead and create a blunder on your birthday or bachelorette party, we have down below a list of 10 drinking games for 10 theme party ideas.

What are you waiting for? Jump right in! 

1. Fun birthday party games-beer pong for the win! 

Starting off our list of drinking games for theme parties is the very classic game of beer pong, but only if you’re a grown-up! Birthday party ideas involve balloons, cakes, and presents, which continue until we grow very old, but one thing that adds itself to the list is drinking games. So if you want to make your birthday party ideas in line with the ongoing trends, add a beer pong drinking game for your pals in there. Fun, trendy, and right on track with the celebratory mood of the evening, the game of beer pong will be the perfect fit to add some laughter!  

How to play Beer Pong: 

  • Make sure you have enough space on your beer pong table and a good aim if you wish to stay sober.
  • Divide teams, place 12 cups on each side of the table and take your positions. 
  • Start aiming the beer pong balls so that they fall right into your opponent’s cup and help you score a point. 
  • If you score a point, your opponent will have to drink up! If not, better luck next time! The game continues until all the cups have been drained or you’re too drunk to aim. ;) 

2. Office party- let loose the workload with games! 

Office parties are like walking a thin line of letting yourself loose but making sure you don’t end up losing your job, right? We’re kidding! There are some super cool drinking games you can play at your next office party, which will also help you break the ice with your colleagues. The drunken tower game, which yes is a Jenga with the twist of shot glasses, seems like the perfect choice of game for that office party on Friday. Jenga itself is a fun game to play with friends but add to that some shots, and there you have it, a team-building game that is all set to add some life to the party. 

How to play Drunken Tower Game: 

  •  Get your drunken tower game with shot glasses which are also available at snooplay.
  • After setting up the tumbling tower game, each player will take turns withdrawing one block at a time. Ensure that the tower still stands after you take out the block.
  • Every block has a command written on it, which obviously is about the drinking game, so you just have to follow it and move on.
  • The tricky part is who will be able to withdraw blocks from the Jenga after having those couple of shots. 

3. Fresher Party Ideas- break the ice with some shots! 

Did you just cringe? We know fresher parties can be awkkkward, but hey, what’s better to lighten things up than some drinking games. Theme party requires effort, and the game we have for you also requires a tad bit of effort. However, if you want to add some spice to your fresher party ideas, you should definitely hear us out. Two truths and a lie is a really fun game to play but add a game of spin the bottle there, and ooh, an exciting combination. So there you have it, a great game you can add to your list of fresher party ideas to break the ice with some shots. Beverage of your own choice, of course! 

How to play two truths and a lie with spin the bottle:  

  • Sit in a circle or just sit close, whatever is possible and spin the bottle. 
  • Whoever faces the pointer has to state two truths, and one lies about themselves. But that’s not where this drinking game ends. 
  • Now, if someone from the group is able to correctly guess what the truths are and what the lie is, then the person has to drink up a shot of the guesser’s choice.

4. Bachelorette party ideas- dart games for a memorable night! 

You can officially stop searching for fun bachelorette party games online because we have the OG here for you! Well, it might be risky, but trust us, there is nothing more fun than a strip tease dart game to put your bachelorette party on a list of nights you’d never forget. Think of it as one of the memorable house party games, but we promise it will add that element of fun and oomph to your bachelorette party. You can grab your strip tease dart game from our collection at snooplay and get ready for the fun night to unfold.

How to play the strip tease dart game: 

  • The strip tease dart drinking game is equal parts of easy peasy lemon squeezy and very difficult to see through. 
  • Set up the dart board on any wall or back of the door 
  • Now divide the darts among the players who will each receive a hit on the board.
  • Now read out the task written wherever your dart lands and complete it or take a shot! 
  • So strip or shot is up to the contender, but there is going to be laughter, fun, and some strip. 

5. Card game party- a modern twist to the classic party games

The first idea that pops up whenever we’re thinking about party game ideas or how to make a theme party for a close-knit group more interesting is a card game party. But how do we give it a modern twist? The perfect game just presented itself! The social humour cards game is the best card game for a fun and light close group evening, with up to 20 players. There are two versions of social humour available in our collection so that you can make your choice of game for the night! Do remember that this card game is meant for adults who enjoy a good laugh or two. 

How to play social humour cards game: 

  • The social humour card pack consists of 105 black cards, 435 white cards, and 10 blank cards you can use on your own. 
  • The black cards contain the questions and the white cards which are distributed among the players hold the answers. 
  • Now the judge (chosen from among the players) picks up one black card which holds a question, and the players have to answer this question with the funniest white card possible. 
  • After everyone is done answering, the judge picks up the funniest answer and that person wins. Everyone else has to drink up! 

6. Slumber party- dancing through the dizziness! 

Who doesn’t love some good pajama party ideas? We sure do. To complete your list of games to play at a sleepover we have the very cute combination of freeze dance and drinking dart party game. Freeze dance is a classic, and it is just too much fun to see your friends or cousins topsy turvy and clumsy while working hard to stay still, isn’t it? Well, to seal things off and make it even more difficult to freeze, we’ve introduced the drinking dart party game. The game changer! So put on those dancing shoes, a nice pair of pajamas and get ready for the best slumber party. 

How to play Freeze Dance X drinking dart party game

  • Set up the dart board drinking game on a wall, behind a door, or just place it on the table so that everyone can take turns accordingly.
  • Now play some music and start dancing. When the music pauses, you freeze in the last position until released. 
  • Whoever moves first, second and third will have to play the drinking dart game and follow through their tasks. 
  • As the shots go down, it will be difficult to aim and stay frozen in position, which means that your slumber party is successful! 

P.s. you can avail the whole package with a drinking dart board, darts and shot glasses from snooplay! Check it out. 

7. Camp theme party- let’s twist and turn some bones!

Can’t go out in the woods and enjoy some bonfire with friends? Don’t worry because we have some good ideas on how you can turn that backyard party idea into something more fun. Whether it is a garden party or an outdoor birthday party with friends, you just need a pack of yogi card games to plan a theme party with some twisted bones. We know you must be wondering how does this make it one of the drinking games? Well, you can always place the beer tower liquor pump in your backyard. That way, anyone who fails to complete the round in the yogi card game or needs a glass or two to make sure they can twist their bones the right, can have it right there! Once the game finishes, set up a bonfire, and reminisce about the weird poses you had to make; the theme party successful. 

How to play the Yogi Card Game: 

  • No other card game is as interesting and tough as the yogi card game. 
  • Each player has to go ahead and pick out one card each from the deck of the yogi card game.
  • Follow through the action or task assigned in the card and make sure you stay in that position for the entire round. Players will also receive tasks of keeping a card on a particular body part, for example; place the card on your pinky finger. 
  • Whoever cannot maintain the position or fails to stay there loses and has to drink up! Have fun getting into yoga positions while enjoying these drinking games. 

8. Kitty party theme ideas- games to spill some secrets

Is it the time for the monthly kitty party yet? If it is, we are here at your rescue to help you plan the games for kitty party. We don’t know about kitty party theme ideas but we do know what gets spilled there are some juicy juicy secrets. So, to go along with the spirit we have come up with a game that is fun, enjoyable and full of surprises. The ‘things that make you’ is a game you can play with a bunch of your friends, and combine that with spin the wheel shot glass game to get one of the funniest games for kitty party right in front of you. 

How to play things that make you X spin the wheel shot glass game: 

  • To play ‘things that make you’ every participant should have a piece of paper with them.
  • Now, select a combined topic, for example things that make you smile and ensure you’ve written your answer on the sheet before handing it over. 
  • One person will have to read aloud responses from every member and every one will take turns guessing the right player who wrote the response.
  • This is where the drinking games come in. Whoever attempts to guess and fails will have to spin the wheel and take the assigned shot. 
  • Moreover, if the player gets identified then he/she will have to take the turn at spin the wheel game. 

9. Theme Party for sports lovers- cheer on with drinks! 

Get your hands on deck and enjoy a night of sports and friends. We know you hard you planned to have a theme party dedicated to sports and it would be a real bummer if you don’t have a sports game placed somewhere in the room. Points from a pro: always have a table football set up when organising a sports theme party. The foosball game with shot glasses is the perfect addition to your list of party game ideas! Soccer and shots are the way to happiness, party planner. So make sure you have grabbed the best foosball table and ready with some liquor for those shots. The golf drinking party game also makes for a good alternative for those interested in this sport. 

How To play Foosball Tabletop drinking games:

  • Set up the table football or foosball on the table and prepare your choice of beverage beforehand. 
  • Take your place at the opposite sides of the table and prepare for a fun game of soccer. 
  • Every goal by the opponent and the player has to drink up the shot. 

10. Anniversary party ideas- poker game for post dinner celebrations! 

Ah we see you’ve hit the anniversary party ideas section! Good for us because we have shortlisted games for parties that would make your anniversary party ten times more interesting. What says celebrations better than a poker game? Hard to answer. So if you’re interested in poker and if it is your anniversary party then you definitely check out this 300 piece poker set with a briefcase that’d be the perfect drinking games to play after dinner celebrations. Get some drinks and bet your chips to enjoy a nice evening with friends. 

How to Play poker game:

  • Texas holdem poker is widely enjoyed so here is a breakdown on how you can play the game. 
  • Players receive two down cards as personal hand following which there is a round of betting. 
  • Board cards called flops are turned after each round of betting which allows the players to take hold of the community cards. 
  • In the end, the player with the best five hand combination wins the game of texas poker holdem. 

These are the 10 drinking games you can add to your list of party game ideas for your next theme party. What you need is the games, your friends and family and some drinks to get the party up and going. Don’t forget to check out the drinking party games collection on our website for more such fun drinking games. 

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